Arteza Watercolour Real Brush Pens

Today’s blog post is a little different from the usual. The cards in today’s post are coloured with Arteza Watercolour Real Brush pens. Arteza contacted me and asked if I would be interested in doing a product review video for them. I’ve seen Arteza products popping up on many blogs and youtube channels so I was interested to try them out. They sent me Watercolour Real Brush Pens, an Expert Watercolour Pad and a set of six Water Brushes Pens.

To see how I used them check out the video below. It is a long one because I put the products through their paces with a bunch of my favourite techniques. I did speed up the footage through out the video so I could show you all that I tried. Believe me you would not have wanted me to leave it at normal speed! If you want to slow something now that is an option on Youtube.

The video isn’t a how-to for today’s cards but there is footage of some of the process included. You may find some other techniques you’d like to try in my review also. Just so you know I have two more videos in process which are more project tutorial style. I’m trying to keep the inspiration coming as we all cope with our quarantine situations.

I was very happy with the results using the brush pens, watercolour pad and waterbrushes, but the real brush pens are the main focus of my review. I was particularly impressed with the results when I did no-line watercolour with the real brush pens. It can be a tricky technique but the pens made it easier in my opinion.

The range of colours in the set of 96 is wonderful and the intensity of the colour means a little goes a long way. I have cards coloured with the real brush pens which will be appearing on my blog in the next few weeks.

Arteza gave me a coupon code to share with you in case you are interested in trying the products and there are affiliate links below. At no extra cost to you I will receive a small commission. (The Arteza products appear on the list twice, top ones are first ones are US, last ones EU)


4 Comments on “Arteza Watercolour Real Brush Pens”

  1. nancystiz says:

    I am sorry I do not comment often but this is truly a work of art! I have followed your blog for years now. I thought it was a photo! My gosh your painting is exquisite. I could only wish to do this. Thank you too for the video!

  2. Patricia Rowe says:

    WOW O WOW. Thanks for your incredible inspiration. Coloring is not my strong point yet with your guidance, I feel I can go for it.
    Thank you for taking the time to explain.

  3. Pat says:

    Two fabulous cards using that PB stamp and love the colours of these Arteza Brush Markers Heather and thank you for the tutorial showing their properties and how they stand up to different techniques. I think my favourite is the no line colouring and the fiery colours are beautiful, but I do love the purples and yellows too. I may well buy a set of the water brushes which with the round and flat brush shape cover everything you could possibly need. x

  4. Lagene says:

    Beautiful creations, thanks for all the information about Arteza pens in your video!

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