What? More poppies!

Yes I have another poppy post for you. When I get new stamps I like to try a few different techniques with them if I have time. This large poppy from the Altenew ‘Wonderland’ set was crying out to be stamped and painted with distress stains.

There is a masking stencil that co-ordinates with this stamp set so I started with the large stencil full of poppy shapes and a piece of hot pressed watercolour paper. I painted water into the large poppy shape so I could drop colour into it and get very soft blends. I don’t know if you ever paint with water but you can probably imagine the main problem with doing so. That’s right, it’s hard to see what you’re doing, especially if you are wearing your everyday glasses not your ‘art glasses’ Once I dropped some worn lipstick stain into the puddle I was able to make out the poppy shape a little better. I moved the colour around gently with a brush and dropped some festive berries stain in the centre for extra depth and some forest moss stain at the base of the petals and down the stem. I painted my own leaves with the forest moss stain. Once the stain had dried a bit I used the large poppy stamp to stamp some detail over the top in festive berries and forest moss stain. The stamp outline doesn’t match the painted shape exactly but I like the artsy hand painted look.

My second poppy was done with just the stamp plus four distress stains. I painted mustard seed stain around the top of the petals, carved pumpkin across the middle and fired brick at the base. I painted mowed lawn on the stem and base of the flower. I spritzed the stamp then used the stamp positioner to stamp on hot pressed watercolour paper. The result was a very wet rainbow style image. I painted one strip of petal at a time starting at the yellow end and working toward the red so the blend would go from light to dark and not be taken over by the dark red stain. I worked on strips that were not adjacent to each other to give sections a chance to dry before I painted the one next door. Although the poppy was quite wet with stain and water I was able to keep subtle details on the petals.

The last card is my favourite, I like the depth of colour achieved with a seedless preserves/festive berries/peeled paint combo. I used the same method as for the previous card but blended larger sections which caused some of the petal detail to disappear. I also dried the poppies after blending the colour once then added more stain and water over the top which created some petal like watermarks.

When it came time to turn the panels into cards I just wanted to add a little texture or dimension.  I chose to pop up each panel on foam but before doing that I put my panels inside an embossing folder and ran them through my die cutting machine. The folder gives the panel the look of canvas. Subtle but cool.

I stamped the two Dr Seuss quotes from the same ‘Wonderland’ set on little scraps and added them to two of the cards with removable adhesive because I’m not convinced they are needed. What do you think? I like the quotes but I also like the way the poppies look like mini canvases…


16 Comments on “What? More poppies!”

  1. Beverly Raikey Ribinsin. says:

    A new high for you. Love the poppies and, of course, Dr. Seuss. Thank you.

  2. Joan Dirmyer says:

    Wow!I think these are the most amazing flowers. You certainly captured their beauty. The mini canvas is lovely! Thank you so much for sharing!Joan

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  3. bonklassgmailcom says:

    Never too many poppies, Heather! I love the watery look of all these and the gradation of colors. The Dr. Seuss quotes are fantastic. You can’t beat the wisdom of Dr. Seuss!

  4. Elizabeth Jones says:

    The color blends are pure magic and the last two look like pressed flowers. All so pretty. Thank you for sharing, Ms. Heather.

  5. mjmarmo says:

    Your cards are the most beautiful works of art!!!

  6. sunshine says:

    really beautiful! would be nice to have a video tutorial.

  7. jellybeanerz says:

    These are stunning!

  8. tish rowe says:

    Here you go again..creating something beautiful to share with us.
    thank you a million times.

  9. Love your colour combinations … especially the last one. Beauties!

  10. wacapp says:

    Poppies are some of my favorites whether in the garden or stamped on paper. You continue to inspire! I’m curious about what embossing folder you used to get the canvas look.

  11. Pat says:

    All three are gorgeous Heather and using wonderful colour combinations but the last one is my favourite too, and I love the texture you have added with the embossing folder. x

  12. memalagene says:

    WOWZERS! Gorgeous poppies!

  13. Once again you have created stunning flowers Heather. Thank you for sharing your talents and techniques.

  14. Gery says:

    Your flowers look gorgeous, Heather! ❤️
    The way you painted they almost seem transparent.
    Love Gery ❤️

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