Floral Faves Winners

I’m excited to announce the two winners of our Floral Faves Giveaway:


Congratulations Robyn and Connie! Please check your email for a message from the Foiled Fox. (If you don’t see it check your spam folder)

Thank you to everyone who participated. I loved reading about your favourite flowers; some of them were new to me so I had to look them up! I made a chart to show you what the top faves were; I couldn’t give everyone’s choice a piece of the pie as the labels became impossible to read! I enjoyed reading why they were faves too, many of you associated a flower with a memory, a person, a colour or a fragrance.

Even though the give away is wrapped up I will still be posting plenty of flower cards, and I imagine you will be making them too. Happy stamping and a big Thank You to the Foiled Fox for partnering with me in this giveaway.


One Comment on “Floral Faves Winners”

  1. Pat says:

    Congratulations to Robyn and Connie and what a great idea to make a pie chart of all the most popular flowers Heather, and I’m not surprised that Poppies and Peonies come out top. x

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