Peerless Watercolours and a video

golden leaves side Heather Telford

I have something new to share today, new to me that is. The Peerless paints have been around since 1885! Shauna from The Foiled Fox sent me the Peerless watercolour paints and they are beautiful. As the trees outside are turning stunning colours it seemed the perfect theme for my first peerless project. To read all the details about this card pop over to The Foiled Fox blog and read my guest post. Scroll down below to see how I set up a palette for my peerless paints.

golden leaves close up Heather Telford

Peerless watercolours are embedded in dry sheets. You touch the dry paint with a wet brush to pick up colour. To see how I set up my paints so I could access all the colours on one fold out palette, watch the video below.


16 Comments on “Peerless Watercolours and a video”

  1. Susie Williams says:

    This is so lovely Heather. I have Peerless Paints….I just need to learn how to watercolour LOL. You continue to inspire me and motivate me to keep trying.

  2. Heather… I am so happy that you have found these amazing paints. I bought them about 5 years ago at card show in Mass. and love them especially when I do so much carding away from the house. I had an accident last Wed. and broke my R wrist so I am grounded for 6 weeks. I could stamp using the Misti but colouring is another story! I will look forward to more videos using these fabulous paints.


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  3. Beverly Railey Robinson says:

    Very nice. I love Peerless, too. And I think that it’s great to have a little wallet of them for travel. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  4. theartfuldoodler says:

    Thanks for sharing your palette solution! I have my Peerless watercolors in a similar palette, but I cannot see all of the colors at the same time. I may have to make another with your idea. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Pat says:

    I have never seen these Peerless Watercolours before but what a great idea that they come as a dry sheet and therefore are so easy to store and use, and your palette idea works really well. I love your leaves that you have painted with them. Such pretty colours and the gold embossing shows them off beautifully. x

  6. debbieg2014 says:


  7. […] Peerless Watercolours and a video → […]

  8. Tami says:

    Oh my this card is so gorgeous!!! Beautiful watercoloring!!

  9. Bonnie says:

    Your leaves are beautiful and show so well against this background! Thank you for sharing your organization of the watercolors. I don’t have Peerless but need to do this with my Kuretake Gansai. I like the way you’ve organized the color families together and will do that with my paints. Then maybe I’ll feel more comfortable using them. As always you are such an inspiration!

  10. Gorgeous piece and fab video! I have a small set of these watercolours so will make a pallet like yours! Thank you! xxx

  11. canadiancaroline says:

    Beautiful project, and I appreciate the tutorial on preparing a palette when working with watercolours. The Ottawa scenery really is inspirational just now!

  12. Karen Mills says:

    Lovely card and beautiful watercolor, I am new to the peerless watercolor system. Your tutorial on preparing an palette is so appreciated, thank you !!!

  13. n56leiker says:

    Thank you for showing me how to use and separate the Peerless watercolors. And placing them under acetate to use as palette.

  14. […] Peerless paints come in a very convenient format and provide beautiful blendable colour. I tend to forget them for a while and then binge on them with one project after another. They will be back with another bird tomorrow. You can see how I set up my peerless palette here […]

  15. […] because they are an unassuming collection. If you haven’t heard of them before check out an earlier blog post I wrote about them. The colours blend beautifully, the range of colours is excellent and the price is pretty nice […]

  16. […] how beautifully they blend and what gorgeous colours are available. If you haven’t heard of Peerless watercolours paints they are an old, old company and the paint is in pieces of thick paper. I use a wet brush to pick […]

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