2021 BuJo – March title page

Although it’s been a few weeks since I posted any bullet journal pages here on the blog, the journal is turning out to be a handy record and planner for me. So far I have done more recording than planning as I am still working out how to use it for keeping track of ongoing projects. I have been recording all the evening meals we’ve been cooking and eating which is really helpful when I am trying to work out what to make next. All four of us take turns cooking which I love but it is sometimes a little tricky as we have a range of food sensitivities and allergies to take into account, some with serious health consequences.

As you can imagine I am also keeping track of books I’ve read and thinking about keeping track of podcasts too. Some podcasts are long time favourites while there are others I subscribe and unsubscribe from as my interest waxes and wanes.

But here is my March theme, a sunset behind birch trees in snow. I have been seeing themes on the interwebs featuring blossoms and flowers but that is not a March thing where I live. We still have plenty of snow and have been enjoying some amazing sunsets so I decided on one more wintery theme.

I masked the edges of a rectangle with post it notes top and sides then cut a curved edge along one for the bottom mask. I masked the trees by cutting strips of post-it tape in different thicknesses including some very thin scraps to lay on the page as branches. With the masks in place I used blending brushes to apply the inks shown below to fill the sky. To get some pattern in my sunset sky I tore some post-it edges and blended ink over the top of the first layer along the torn edges moving them around to get the look of clouds.

Once all the sky was done I removed the bottom mask and put a different one in place to blend a snow bank shadow. I then removed all the tree masks and drew edges and black marks with a black Pilot fineliner then some grey shadows with a staedtler brushpen.

I’ll be back next weekend with other birch sunset themed pages. I’m continuing to be a fan of the Dingbats notebook I’m using and was given another for my birthday which is just as lovely. They have just this week come out with a new, bigger style with thicker paper, so who knows I might have to let that one join the family one day too!


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16 Comments on “2021 BuJo – March title page”

  1. boilermom27 says:

    That is just stunning…love, love, love!

  2. This is just spectacular. the quality of the paper in your journal must br really excellent to produce such good results xx

  3. Jo Ann F. says:

    This background for the birch trees is just lovely!

  4. Loll says:

    The colours of your blended sky are gorgeous, Heather. And the blending is so smooth. LOVE birch trees. Great title page for March! xx

  5. Bonnie says:

    I love birches and with this sunset and the snowy ground it’s perfect for your area in March! What a fantastic job of masking, Heather! When was your birthday?

  6. that is so beautiful. great job with the masking

  7. nancystiz says:

    WOW! You drew all those trees? What a gorgeous sky and you captured the reflection so perfectly in the snow. What a beautiful page!

  8. Clelie says:

    So Beautiful!…I can’t believe all the colour shades you made with only four ink pads!

  9. Pat says:

    Those birch trees are just perfect for your March title page Heather and it’s nice to see some Memento inks which now we have DIs don’t get a look in so often, and the colours are so beautiful together. x

  10. moi says:

    WOW, this is great and looks so rear.

  11. s says:

    Very lovely sky. I thought it was watercolored, but to read it’s ink blending and some masking sounds interesting. If I could try this, I would like to make a mini calendar page.

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