Hand painted lilacs

I squeezed in a little painting the other day using Sennelier watercolours on cold pressed watercolour paper. I used only three colours, a purple, a green and a pinky purple.

I have a few lilac stamps in my stash which I really enjoy using but I wanted to try my hand at painting them myself. I painted with the stalks pointing up to start with, then at some point turned the panel around to finish it off.

The little sentiment strip is from Taylored Expressions; she has a range of sentiment stamps where you stamp all the phrases in one print then cut them into strips with her co-ordinating die. It is a clever idea. I like the fact that I then have a pile of sentiments to choose from.


7 Comments on “Hand painted lilacs”

  1. Micheline Jourdain says:

    That is BEAUTIFUL WORK !!!

  2. Pat says:

    I think this is gorgeous Heather, so fresh and pretty and love the look you have achieved with the loose watercolouring, and I think that lilac looks more natural hanging, as it would when on the tree, and this could also be wisteria racemes too, but as either they are fabulous! x

  3. Clelie says:

    I see a Gallery Showing in your future! 😀 Love seeing what you are creating and developing! Stunning and GORGEOUS!

  4. ND says:

    This card prompts some beautiful memories!

  5. Lagene says:

    Gorgeous hand painted lilacs! i can almost smell them!

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