Hand painted veggie card

I’ve been painting again but took a break from florals. I pictured this veggie panel in my head before I sat down to paint it and realised part way through I should have been working bigger. I did the carrots first and as they were the biggest vegetable I regretted making them so small. All the rest of the veggies had to be pretty tiny to make it work.

I used Fabriano cold pressed watercolour paper and Sennelier watercolour paints. The card is one layer so I folded the piece of watercolour paper then masked the edges before I started painting. I had watched some youtube tutorials to glean hints including Jenna Rainey’s ‘farmer’s market‘ and Laurie Tsou’s ‘drawing fruits and vegetables‘.

When I had filled the panel with carrots, broccoli, beets, chiles and mushrooms it still looked unfinished so I had to include the peas. I am not a fan of peas but as you can see they are the perfect filler, for a painting mind you, not a meal. When I was a child I was required to eat the number of peas that matched my age at the time and yes my family still brings that up and amuses themselves by asking if the required number of peas are on my plate! After I’d added the peas, with a stylus not a paintbrush, I still needed more definition on the masked edges so I blended some bamboo branch memento ink lightly over the tape. The sentiment is from Altenew’s ‘leaf canopy’ set.

Stay awesome my friends and eat your veggies. Or paint them if that’s more your style. Or better yet, grow them, paint them then eat them!



8 Comments on “Hand painted veggie card”

  1. Beverly Railey Robinson says:

    Love this card. It was a great idea to go the veggie route! Beautiful work and nice sentiment. Many thanks.

  2. Mimi says:

    Beautiful fruits and vegetables Heather. Wish my garden is half as good.

  3. Bonnie says:

    I’m impressed! Your veggies look delicious!

  4. Vicki B says:

    You are so talented. When I saw the panel, I thought it was designer paper……..well it is, but you painted it.

    • Heather says:

      Thank you Vicki, I am enjoying doing some painting without stamps, I’ve wanted to for years but kept thinking I needed more practice. Now I’m sharing my practice!

  5. Clelie says:

    Over the years, you have delighted me, inspired me, encouraged me and challenged me…Now, you just AWE me! LOVE THE VEGGIES, COLORS, AND DESIGN! Thanks so much for blessing my days with your creativity, Heather! ♥ Wishing you Joy and Health!

  6. Liane Desmarais-Cavanagh says:

    While you only show us 5, I belive this is a 24 karat card!
    I never before thought of veggies a joyful, and these certainly are!
    Great card! Thank you for opening an unconventional subject for exploration!

  7. Lagene says:

    Awesome veggies!

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