Before we talk about Frosty, I just want to say how much I am enjoying reading about your holiday traditions; thank you for commenting on my gingerbread post to tell me about them. Make sure you visit the Foiled Fox blog this week to read about some more holiday traditions and I will be sharing another tradition on Friday.

Now back to Frosty from the PB ‘Frosty’s Flakes set. I have not created a snowman card in a long, long time but after creating gingerbread on kraft cardstock and poinsettia cards on kraft cardstock (in a recent class) I thought why not try a snowman. I stamped in black this time which looks just as striking on kraft as white does. All the white elements are added with a white gel pen or white pencil.

I coloured the leaves in a green pencil, I used polychromos pencils but I imagine any dark green pencil will do. I did the berries, hat ribbon and scarf in red, nose in orange and hat in black. I was halfway through colouring the hat when I realised I needed a highlight strip to show the curve of the hat. I was able to leave a gap on one section but it looked odd where it didn’t continue across the whole hat. Sand eraser to the rescue! If you don’t have a sand eraser for sanding off little errors you should get one. It worked brilliantly on the coloured pencil but I have also used in on stray bits of ink or paint.

I finished all the pencil colouring without colouring the snowman at all. I decided to try some cross hatching with the white gel pen and I think it does the trick. White coloured pencil would probably work also. I protected Frosty with a post-it and splattered white gesso over the rest of the panel. I stamped a sentiment from the PB ‘thrill of hope’ set and die cut it with a tag die. The stitching around the card panel and tag is hand done with the white gel pen. I added a white pencil drop shadow on the sentiment, popped it up on dimensional tape with some twill tape to co-ordinate.

Making a snow man with the first snow might be a tradition for some but we have learned since coming to Canada that there are many types of snow and not all types are suitable for snowmen! In Australia if we had snow staying on the ground we would make a snowman however small and odd looking! I remember a time when I was a child my family drove up Mt Wellington in Hobart and there was snow at the top; we built a snow man on the bonnet (hood) of our car. It melted or fell off by the time we got back down the mountain.



7 Comments on “Frosty”

  1. Lagene says:

    I love your snowman and the story of the Mt Wellington snowman on the bonnet of the car, what a fun memory! In Texas as a child we rarely got snow but occasionally we got a lot. Less air polution back then and we would always make “snow ice cream” by adding fresh cream, sugar and vanilla to to the snow in a big metal pan of snow. It helped that we milked our own cows and had lots of cream. We were always happy to make the “snow ice cream” instead of saving it to make butter.

  2. Pat says:

    I adore your snowman Heather and the white cross hatching suits him so well, and love the other colouring too, the Desert Storm card is exactly the right colour kraft card to get the best colouring results on I think and I love the white gel pen used for the stitching round the edge, and also the red baker’s twine complements the rest perfectly. A gorgeous card! x

  3. Cyndee Daugherty says:

    I like that you used kraft paper for this image, it’s special looking and thanks about the tip on using a sand eraser on small errors.

  4. Karen Jackson says:

    What a fun snowman Heather. I love the cross hatching and especially love the honest sentiment!

  5. karenajo says:

    Love your snowman – so fun! The coloring is great and love all the added touches and details! The sentiment is marvelous!

  6. Tirpuunen says:

    This is so lovely!

  7. Janet S. says:

    So creative and beautiful!! All of your special touches make it pop! I will be forever grateful for the tip of the sand eraser as I use it all the time. Thank you

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