How clever is black brusho?

I am sharing this card over on The Foiled Fox blog today. It’s a simple one but I think, a clever one. And by clever I’m not talking about my artistic skills; I’m talking about the wonder of black brusho. If you have some brusho paint and you’ve been avoiding the black container then you are missing out! You can see in the close up below black is made up of a bunch of different colours and this cheesecloth stamp from My Favorite Things keeps those colours divided like tiles.

You can find my step by step process on The Foiled Fox blog and my supply list below. Thanks for dropping by; now go and play with your black brusho!

Edited to add: sadly this stamp is no longer available but you can find an equally fabulous mesh stamp here.


Stamp: Cheese cloth background (MFT)

Die: Birthday (PB)

Ink: versamark

Paint: black brusho

Paper: hot pressed watercolour paper, navy cardstock, orange cardstock


23 Comments on “How clever is black brusho?”

  1. Bonnie says:

    The black Brusho crystals are clever and using the cheesecloth stamp is brilliant! What a wonderful background, Heather!

  2. Liz Jones in New Hampshire says:

    YES!!!!! Don’t ever tell ‘outsiders’ how you did this, lol! Wonderful card, thank you, my guru.

  3. Marianne says:

    I do love how the black brushos are made up of so many colours, but the way the crystals turn into pixels when paired with this MFT stamp is nothing short of amazing. Now I need to find a stamp in my stash that would also work and some time to play with my black brushos. TFS.

  4. very cool results on that!!

  5. Lieve says:

    Amazing how many colours you find in the black brusho – and with that cheesecloth stamp it makes an amazing background.
    I love your card !!

  6. Cheryl Johnson says:

    Hi Heather, another beauty, I must say. I have enjoyed the few times I have played with the black Brushos, but I must admit, your clever way of creating this card has me so excited, I went and purchased the wonderful cheesecloth stamp! In the mentime, I will make use of other stamps and see what happens. Thanks so much for your inspirational ideas!

  7. Jo Ann Danchik says:

    This is brilliant Heather!

  8. Kathy McGovern says:

    My goodness what a wonderful, striking card! I think I will have to break my resolve not to buy any more stash and get some black brusho. I had no idea it could do that! Well done, Heather, you are such an inspiration.

  9. Pat says:

    What a fabulous finished result Heather and the colours all separate within the embossed lines of the Cheesecloth stamp have the look of a beautiful mosaic, and the orange complements it perfectly. x

  10. Karen Jackson says:

    This is one of your wow cards Heather. I have to own up to being one of those people who have avoided using black brusho. Boy was I wrong. Such an array of colours. Thank you for showing the way!

  11. Lindsey says:

    This is amazing, Heather! It’s what I like best about my red watercolour powder (Magenta Nuance); it seems to have the most different colours in it. I’ll have to look for Brushos black!

  12. Daria says:

    I have often said that if I could only have one Brusho color, it would be black. It is truly magical.
    I love what you have done with it here, and I’m going to search to see if I have a similar background stamp. Thank you for sharing your wonderful card, the details, and the tips.

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  14. konarose says:

    I had no idea, Heather! Saw your color pencil flowers today in email (gorgeous!) and then your mention about the black Brusho. Brilliant ♫ I still don’t really understand how all the colors separated out of it, but it’s amazing!

  15. memalagene says:

    WOW I never would have thought all those colors would come out of the black Brusho! I love the stamp you used, it really showcased the differences!

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