Hand painted floral

Today’s card features a hand painted flower and a hand lettered sentiment. I am open to suggestions as to what type of flower it is; it looks like it could be a dahlia, or perhaps a peony or pink cornflower. I am also a bit hazy on what I used to paint it – sorry – again! It was just a painting exercise that turned out looking like a real flower so I decided to turn it into a card. It could be distress stain or peerless watercolours. I matted the flower panel in a teal to match the leaves then popped a handlettered sentiment on a die cut tag.

Hope you are having a delightful day.
By the way The Foiled Fox is having a St Patrick’s Day sale this weekend, go check it out. Foiled Fox kindly sent me the Peerless watercolours that may or may not have been used on this card. They also sent me the beautiful nib holder that definitely was used to write that sentiment.

12 Comments on “Hand painted floral”

  1. creatingincolors says:

    Whatever type of flower it is, and whatever you used to paint it – it turned out beautiful! I’ll guess peerless watercolors.

  2. Shauna Todd says:

    Love it, Heather! What a talent you are!

  3. Beverly Railey Robinson says:

    It’s a peony or anemone to me, but it’s beautiful no matter what. Yet another magnificent Heather Telford creation.

  4. With your talent you don’t need any stamps! Amazing! Who cares what flower it is – it is beautiful!

  5. Pat says:

    This is a beautifully painted flower Heather and the colours are very pretty. You are a very clever artist and your calligraphy skills are fantastic too. x

  6. desperatehousewifecraft says:

    Wow its gorgeous no matter what flower it is!

  7. This is so beautifully done, Heather! Your hand written sentiment blew my socks off! It’s gorgeous and your letters are so uniform, not an easy task! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous work with us!

  8. ND says:

    It could very well be a dahlia. Your grandfather was a prolific grower of dahlias at Maroo Street. They were planted across the front boundary just inside the front fence and at the back in clumps amongst established fruit trees. I am sure you know, they grow from tubers which he lifted at the end of each growing season, and labelled and stored for the next year. Flower heads come in many colours and some are multi coloured. Small flower heads, large flower heads, tight pompom like flower heads, open expansive heads like sunflowers – infinite varieties. He would have greatly enjoyed receiving any of your flower cards and would probably have identified your variety, even if you did not recognize it. He would not have said much about the sentiment but he would have appreciated them all.


  9. Clelie says:

    I’d say it is a dahlia, too…but, who really cares…it is exquisite and beautifully done and if you ever have it made into a layered rubber stamp…PLEASE LET ME KNOW! 🙂 You are very gifted and your talent IS SUCH A BLESSING! Thank you for sharing that with us…wow!…it is wonderful! ♥♥♥

  10. Lindsey says:

    This is beautiful! Nicely done.

  11. lollthompson says:

    This is BEAUTIFUL! Great job Heather. This painting exercise is worthy of being framed and hung on a wall. It could be so many different flowers, but I would say dahlia. And your sentiment is perfect. xx

  12. Ingrid says:

    WOW. Now that is simply stunning. I agree with Loll – it’s just gorgeous and definitely frameable. I’m in awe of your lettering too. I’m laughing at myself for being surprised…lol!! I love everything you do. 🙂

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