Land and sea

wide ocean Heather Telford

One of the techniques we been trying in my current alcohol inks class is the ‘landscape’ technique. I don’t think I could give you clear instruction on how I did these two scenes because it is still a lot of trial and error for me. The scene above involved some swiping the inks once they were on the yupo paper to get the horizontal sweeps of colour.

Mountain view Heather Telford

This one above features more lines of ink. When you lay down some ink then add some more beside it the second lot of ink pushes away first often creating a dark thick edge. These can end up looking like hills. Adding blending fluid into the ink you already have on your yupo washes it out somewhat creating paler areas. I am addicted to creating with alcohol inks right now so I will analyse my techniques a little more so my instructions might be clearer (and yes, I will try and make a video).

Believe it or not there is a video coming next week. I also noted the requests for videos on the roses and terraced lane cards. I’ll keep those in mind because I do appreciate my readers and their endless patience in waiting for video tutorials!


Stamps: Twirls (PB)
Alcohol Ink: stream, pool, stonewashed, currant, alcohol blending solution (Ranger) Jet Black archival ink
Paper: yupo paper, Neenah SolarWhite 110lb cardstock, Neenah Epic black 100lb cardstock

11 Comments on “Land and sea”

  1. creatingincolors says:

    Your “trial and error” is working! I like how the inks combined to make the hills in the second card, and the stamping finishes it off beautifully!

  2. Joanne Rancourt says:

    lovely card again Heather. I finally got my hands on a small pad of yupo paper, not easy to buy here in France…….. looking forward to trying my alcohol inks on them soon. Wish the stamp you used in your previous post was as easy to get, loved it. But penny black want $18 to send a $12 stamp to m 😦

  3. naylogan says:

    another beauty..I look at these, and I can’t imagine how you do this always I am very grateful for you sharing your art and techniques…thank you.

  4. Liz in NH says:

    I want that ocean scene huge on my wall! Just gorgeous., Thank you, Heather, as always. for sharing.

  5. Carolyn L says:

    There might have to be a bidding war on that super glorious ocean piece!
    Your talent knows no boundary, Ms Heather. Thank you for letting us share in it and continue to be inspired.

  6. stitcherbeth says:

    These cards are BEAUTIFUL! I am amazed with the first one in particular. It is so inspiring. I have to try this.

  7. Beverly Railey Robinson says:

    I love working with alcohol inks, too. Not as excited when I use yupo, though. Can’t wait to see your techniques! Thanks a million.

  8. Rufus says:

    Oh yes, please, a video!!! I’d love to see how you create these, since they are spectacular! In fact I wish that you’d make videos of ALL your cards, yeah I don’t want much do I? lol. Since I get all your posts via email I don’t comment nearly as often as I should, but I LOVE all of your creations. Would love be a fly on the wall in your studio. I love playing with alcohol ink on yupo, it’s so much fun!

  9. Marianne says:

    I especially love the first one. I don’t have any alcohol inks, but the randomness of your scenes do remind me of the encaustic art technique. I didn’t practise enough to control this medium but even as a beginner you can get fun results.

  10. These are amazing! Wonderful techniques to achieve with alcohol inks. xxx

  11. Lindsey says:

    Your first card is just a total wow for me, so beautiful! And I like how you’ve added the silhouette stamping to the second. Two gorgeous art cards.

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