You Rock

You rock Heather Telford

Oh these alcohol inks are so much fun! During an experimental session the other day I discovered I could blend over the top of a panel I did not like with blending solution which would not remove all the colour but would make it a soft blended background on which I could start a new design. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

This panel was done in two steps. I began by dropping two blues and a red on the yupo paper to create large circles. When the big circles had stopped mingling I used a Q-tip and some blending solution to add little circles over the top of it all. The finished effect reminds me of bokeh.

you rock details Heather Telford

Although they might look black, the die cut sentiment and the mat are actually navy blue and the sentiment is embossed in clear powder to give it a glossy finish. I wouldn’t say I have settled on a favourite but I am liking these blues.


Dies:  Well Done (PB)
Alcohol Ink: Denim, Stonewashed, Poppyfield, alcohol blending solution (Ranger)
Paper: Yupo, Neenah Solar White 110lb cardstock, Neenah patriot blue 100lb cardstock



7 Comments on “You Rock”

  1. FabUlous,I am going to have to pick up done Yupo paper and start using my horde of Alcohol Inks!Dianne Blencoe

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  2. Vicki B says:

    I have used my alcohol inks in a long time, but they are really fun to play with. Yours turned out great!

  3. creatingincolors says:

    Yes – YOU rock! You are rocking those alcohol inks!

  4. Swh2013 says:

    Yes indeed, you are rocking these alcohol inks! Love the blues too!

  5. Lindsey says:

    Unique! Fun card.

  6. Sherry Barello says:

    They are so much fun!!! great job!!. Did you know you can use photo paper? it works wonderfully. And you an draw easily over the alcohol ink with Micron pens (or sharpee’s, or ???).

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