Narnia Journal page

Narnia Journal page Heather Telford

Not what you were expecting to find here on Bits & Pieces? This is my first art journal page; well to be totally honest my second journal page but the first one completed. I have had a few art journals sitting around for over a year waiting for time and inspiration. I started a page last year but it is still in process. The inspiration for this page came from the new Dirty Dozen gallery which opens on Splitcoaststampers today. I am now in my fourth month as a member of the Dirty Dozen and each month we have created projects around a theme. Each theme has been quite a challenge for me including this one. The new gallery theme is “Imagine That” and I was without inspiration until I thought about story books, fantasy and magical story books in particular. I ended up designing five out of my six projects based on some of my favourite books. To view the Dirty Dozen gallery you have to be a fan club member which is a great idea anyway because you will have access to all sorts of extra inspiration while supporting the wonderful creative world of Splitcoaststampers.

After creating a Narnia card for the gallery I decided to expand my design into an art journal spread. I don’t have a video or even a how to for this one although that is my plan for future pages. I followed the advice of the Vicky Papaioannou, who is a very talented art journaller and I glued two pages together to make them sturdier. It has made the pages somewhat bent but I think it prevented the watercolour from seeping through to the other side.

Narnia 1 Heather Telford

If you know the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis you will recognise that this scene is from the early part of ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’. Lucy enters a magical world where it is ‘always winter but never Christmas’.

Narnia 3 Heather Telford

She meets Mr Tumnus who explains that she is in ‘the land of Narnia, all that lies between Lamp-post and the great castle of Cair Paravel on the eastern sea,’ the quote I chose for my page.

Narnia 2 Heather Telford

I enjoyed creating this page and may use books as inspiration for future pages. If you do check out the Dirty Dozen gallery this month you will see scenes from some other favourites of mine along with the products of the rest of the team’s creative imaginations.

Narnia 4 Heather Telford

I used distress stains and memento inks to create my scene over pages heavily splattered with masking fluid. You should recognise the tree stamps from the Prancers set and the lamp-post from On the Town but the mountains  and handwriting are all mine.


19 Comments on “Narnia Journal page”

  1. Pitchoune57 says:


  2. I read those books 40 plus years ago and I still love them and go back and read them every few years. I now have granddaughters that I will be able to share them with in a few years. Your scene certainly brings to mind her first encounter with Narnia!

  3. Shirley Baker says:

    This is so, so, beautiful.


  4. WOW my heart just stop!!! Speechless and … Out of this world!!!

  5. ardythpr1 says:

    Oh my word, Heather! This is stunning! You have captured the magical atmosphere of the story perfectly! You should be an artist! lol!

  6. Katie says:


  7. This is magical! It totally draws you in. Your mountains are awesome! xxx

  8. Lindsey says:

    So well done, Heather. It must be even better in person.

  9. Dewi Lam says:


  10. Bobby says:

    A wonderfully painted scene.

  11. Pat says:

    This take on Narnia is a stunning art journal piece Heather. Just magical!

  12. Doris Hubbard says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!

    Sent from my iPad


  13. Sonia says:

    Pure magic!

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  15. cherylquilts says:

    Oh, Heather, what an amazing journal! It’s gorgeous, and you are an amazing artist and colorist! I love how you’ve captured the very stories and “feel” of them! And I truly expect a delight no matter what you color and show us. Thank you so much, and you truly delighted us during your time on the Dirty Dozen, sweet friend! Hugs!

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  17. Georgia says:

    Really like this one also. Came from the Limberlost page. : )

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