Vintage collage

Vintage collage

Once again I hesitate to try and describe the process involved in creating this card because it is a combination of experiments and errors!

I started with a large piece of watercolour paper on which I was stamping all the flowers from the Delicate Florals set and experimenting with ways to colour them. The tulips above were stamped with Memento Angel Pink and Bamboo leaves. I then did the colouring with gelatos. I made a little watercolour paint by colouring with the gelato on a plastic sheet then blending in some water. I also picked up colour directly from the gelato with an aqua painter as well as applying gelato onto the tulip then blending. At this point I had a circle made from two tulips and no plan in place. I cut it into a square, masked the tulip flowers and added the letter background. I think it was about this point that I tipped over the bamboo leaves ink pad onto the panel creating some of those random lines you see on the right hand side. (It was also around then that I knocked tomorrow’s OLW card over onto an inked stamp and ruined it but that’s another story.)

So after dragging the edge of the ink pad over the panel a few times to add more vintagy effects I decided to add a little corner of Divine Pattern and a whole lot of pink sponging. Almost happy by this time I settled on one more element: one corner of the frame stamp. The panel was a square but I decided not to make a square card; instead I sliced it up and laid it out on a 5½” x 4¼” cardbase. Even after spacing it out there was still empty space which didn’t look quite right so I created the oval tab, slipped it under the last panel and decided to make a smaller card with the tab sticking out.

Thanks for dropping by; I will be back tomorrow with hopefully my fourth and final attempt at this week’s One Layer Wednesday challenge card.


Stamps: Delicate Florals,  Letter Background,  Divine Pattern, With Florish, Eloquence (PB)
Inks: Memento Bamboo leaves, Angel Pink, Love letter
Cardstock: Fabriano 25% cotton hot pressed watercolour paper,
Also: Faber Castell gelatos

21 Comments on “Vintage collage”

  1. Pitchoune57 says:

    lovely card, bye from France,

  2. Mary H. says:

    This is stunning. Thanks for explaining about the gelato how-to. Your separating into 3 panels was something I should have thought of on a recent dylusions spray card I did on a square w/color panel. You have the most amazing ‘saves’! TFS

  3. Gabby says:

    Very pretty card! Love the stamped and inky layers. 🙂

  4. Val Vallor says:

    I love this card.

  5. Janet Castle says:

    I must say Heather that your mistakes are better than my best effort – LOL! It is a beautiful card and one would think you did this on purpose!!! TFS!
    Paper Hugs,

  6. Heidi says:

    It is gorgeous!

  7. Donna Shelton says:

    I agree with Janet Castle, you would never know there were any mistakes made. You have the eye of a true artist, able to make beauty from errors. I love this card, it is really beautiful.

  8. bmoan1 says:

    I like you “mistake” lines. I thought they were intentional.


    Sent from my iPad

  9. LaVon says:

    Beautiful, I envy your artistic talents! This is probably one of my most favorite of your cards thus far. 5 stars from me!!!

  10. Ruth G says:

    I would definitely call this a very lovely and happy accident! You did a fabulous job making the green lines work in your design and the colors you chose overall are just wonderful (sorry, I’m from the US, colours you chose!) Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Maureen Chandler says:

    This is beautiful – I love it!

  12. Sandy says:

    Very beautiful!!!

  13. kellysdaughter says:

    Such a delicate card. Love the colours and images! Thank you for sharing your art with us.

  14. Beverly Railey Robinson says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I just got some Gelatos. I really appreciate the explicit instructions. Thank you.

  15. Karen Purdy says:

    Gorgeous as always, Heather. I really enjoyed your classes at Angela’s last month. I learned so much. Please come back soon!

  16. Teresa Jackson says:

    Love this card. Beautiful.

  17. Clelie says:

    Your creations always “refresh” me! Thank you for so frankly sharing your “saves”…it inspires me! What sponges do you like to use, ie…finger daubers, sea sponges, cosmetic sponges…??? Your sponge work is always wonderful. Also, is there a watercolor paper you have used and like from Michael’s or Joann’s?

  18. MerjaHannele says:

    Amazing card – love the colors and tulips!

  19. Gorgeous! I wish my experiments turned out so good….I use them to scare the crows away….I still haven’t plucked up the courage to try a collage yet…….must do! Beautiful card, TFS!

  20. Lindsey says:

    I really like the divided panel, but especially the little sentiment peeking out the side!

  21. Cyndi Honor says:

    Beautiful Accident!

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