A Wintry Introduction to Art Journalling

My Art Journal Adventure workshops kicked off last Saturday with this wintry page. As I mentioned yesterday I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was great to be in the room as the creating happened. I know not all my readers live near me but if you are in Ottawa and would like to do some art journalling there are still a few places in the next two Wintry Introduction sessions (March 4 & March 12). Hope you are not too tired of seeing all things winter but at least I have titled the above pages ‘winter’s end’!

This is another take on the wintry theme. If you haven’t tried art journalling before you will not be alone. Click over to the Crop A While website to learn more or register. If you drop into Crop A While one of my journals is there to give you an idea of what we’ll be doing this week and in future episodes of the Art Journal Adventure.

Tomorrow we will return to regular programming…

3 Comments on “A Wintry Introduction to Art Journalling”

  1. Chrystal Lewis says:

    It was a great class. I can’t wait for the next one. Thanks Heather.

  2. nancystiz says:

    Wish I could attend after seeing these wonderful pages. The artwork on those trees is amazing! They look so real! What a fun class that must have been!

  3. Pat says:

    Beautiful wintry journal pages and I hope the other two workshops go well too.

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