2021 BuJo – July theme

With all the flowers blooming in my garden right now I have a wealth of inspiration. I decided to go for daisies but then realised I didn’t want to fiddle with white petals and settled on black-eyed Susans instead.

I tested the black fine tip markers currently in my possession to see which ones were waterproof and would give me a dark black. I ended up choosing the small and the medium from a set of Faber Castell Pitt artist pens. I did most of the drawing with the small tip (0.3mm) and then used the medium (0.7mm) for the calendar page.

I drew all the daisies myself and let the black ink dry before colouring with orangey-yellow and light green brushmarkers from the Staedtler set of watercolour brushmarkers.

I used the same four pens for all the pages. On the calendar page below I made a couple of mistakes, in marker! Not ideal but I came up with some fixes that satisfied me. I will do a bit more pencil sketching next time; I think by the time I got to the calendar page I was not being as careful as I had been for the previous two pages!

The first mistake you can probably guess was a vertical line which did not line up to make even 7×7 dot squares! To cover the mistake I made all the vertical lines off by one dot! The second mistake was drawing the title letters in pen without sketching them in pencil first. Both the downstroke of the J and the curve of the U ended up narrower than the rest of the letters. Solution? A few little flowers to pad them out!

Despite the errors along the way I am happy with the July theme because it is bright and happy and showed me I could draw my elements from scratch and not need a stamp or die every time! Hope your July is off to a great start.


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5 Comments on “2021 BuJo – July theme”

  1. Pat says:

    I was sure your Black Eyed Susan flowers were a set of stamps Heather as they are so beauifully drawn and coloured with the brush markers, and the errors are very slight and your little flowers on the letters look as though they were meant to be and not added as an afterthought, and the lines just look interestingly quirky. Sucha bright and pretty look for your July pages. x

  2. nancystiz says:

    When I first saw this post and before reading I jumped to the bottom to find the stamps. My gosh, you DREW this? It’s amazing. I had thought the wonky lines in the calendar were on purpose and absolutely LOVE that look. What fabulous pages to look back on at some point!

  3. Bonnie says:

    I too went to the bottom to see what stamps you used! No stamps necessary for you, my friend! Love these black eyed Susans! Among my favorite flowers!

  4. […] I did the last two months I used markers to colour the flowers and butterflies; I am still new to (non-blended) […]

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