Shimmery Summer Glow

I was lucky enough to be in my local scrapbooking store, Crop A While, recently when they were unpacking the Nuvo shimmer powders. I jumped at the chance to give them a little test drive, after all they are watercolour powders! I used the summer glow iris from Penny Black and three colours of shimmer powder. I made one sample at the store then played around with the same image and three powders at home.

I embossed ‘summer glow’ in clear powder on two hot pressed watercolour paper panels and one cold pressed panel. My experiments moved from careful ‘stay inside the lines’ painting to free flowing colours all over the panel. The most controlled one I completed by dropping a little violet brocade, blue blitz and solar flare powders on my craft mat so I could pick some up with a damp brush. As with most powders the colour is intense; I was able to pick up a tiny bit, paint it into a petal then blend with water to get the depth I was after. I used violet brocade for the petals and ended up with some pink and blue sections as well as deep purple. To colour the stems and leaves I mixed the blue and yellow, adding more blue where I wanted shading.

I used the cold pressed paper for a looser style and sprinkled some powder directly on the panel. It is tricky to sprinkle tiny amounts at a time but I tried to drop some violet brocade into the flowers and buds. I held my hand over the stems while I spritzed the flowers. The paint activated straight away, some inside and some outside the petals. I used a paintbrush to fill any petals that were too pale but tried not to alter the ‘random magic’ too much. Next I sprinkled the blue blitz and solar flare powders over the stems and leaves and spritzed with water. Again I moved the paint a bit with a paint brush to fill the areas enclosed by embossing.


On the final panel I sprinkled the powders in the same areas and spritzed water liberally over the top so the colours filled the background as well as the embossed iris.

I know the messiness of this one won’t be to everyone’s taste but I think it turned out a little fun and funky.

I popped up the panels with foam on cream card bases.

What you don’t see in the photos is the pretty shimmer in the paint when it dries. ( Since my first experiments I have bought a couple more colours so the fun will continue)


Stamp: summer glow 40-610 (PB)

Ink: versamark

Paper: cold pressed watercolour paper, hot pressed watercolour paper, Neenah natural white

Paint: Nuvo shimmer powders blue blitz, violet brocade, solar flare
Also: clear embossing powder

13 Comments on “Shimmery Summer Glow”

  1. Christine says:

    The colours are lovely and the variation is nice. The panels are all so different. I look forward to the next lot.

  2. Mary Geltz says:

    Wow what a presentation! I loved them all but I think the last one is awesome, so dreamy looking! Would love to see a video of how you did it. I am always a little shy after almost dumping a huge amount of the powder the first time using it.

    • Heather says:

      I’m glad you like the last one; in many ways it was the easiest. I just dropped powder on it, spritzed with water and tilted the panel to make the colour move. The other two panels needed more precision.

  3. Pat says:

    Three gorgeous cards using the Nuvo Shimmer Powders Heather and what a pretty PB Iris stamp too. x

  4. Bonnie says:

    What fun you’ve had with these powders, Heather! The colors are perfect for the irises! Love how you’ve colored the flowers in the more controlled pieces but the movement of the last card is so artsy and beautiful! Can’t wait to see what else you do.

  5. canadiancaroline says:

    Love the results of your “experimenting!” It is fun to view the progression of your three panels. I think the last one is worthy of Van Gogh! Hope to take another class SOMETIME, but work-life is all-consuming just now.

  6. Patti O says:

    Thanks for this post. I have been wondering about the shimmer powders. It is now obvious that I need them. I look forward to future posts; love all your backgrounds.

  7. Jan Castle says:

    All are lovely….wish we could see the shimmer – LOL!
    Are these powders similar to anything else that has been on the market for awhile????
    Paper Hugs,

    • Heather says:

      Thanks, Jan, the shimmer is really pretty. I am finding the powders most similar to the colorburst powders: very fine and very pigmented.

  8. Clelie says:

    I love your comment “tried not to alter the random magic too much”! 😀 I love seeing the progression of your experiment and absolutely love the last one…All are beautiful! You have inspired me to try this ‘again’ and let the ‘random magic’ happen!!!♥

  9. Liz Jones in New Hampshire says:

    Love all three. The third one is mind-altering!!!

  10. JMKentpiano says:

    I think your messiness is artistic and amazing! I wish I could do messy as well as you. 🙃

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