I have some happy flowers to share today. I stamped them with distress stains for a loose watercolour look.

Using a yellow and an orange stain I inked the petals and stamped one flower at a time. To overlap the flowers so that one appeared in front of the other I wiped stain off parts of the stamp before stamping next to the previous image. While the stain was still a little damp on the paper I inked only the centres of the flowers in brown and the stems in green then stamped over the yellow and orange. That way I was able to get soft blends but not lose too much definition.

You can see in my two examples I have varied the amount of colour and the amount of time between adding colours. When all the stain was dry I added some splatter around and over the flowers.

I added framed one panel with some orange cardstock and left the other filling the whole card base.

I think they are rather cheery.


Stamps: dazzling, special thoughts (PB)
Stains: mustard seed, spiced marmalade, forest moss, vintage photo
Ink: versafine olympia green
Paper: hot pressed watercolour paper

12 Comments on “Dazzling”

  1. Sherry says:

    Love these sunflowers! Love the colors and your method!

  2. Clelie says:

    These are beautiful!…the petals are almost translucent in some places! Love the technique tips.

  3. Karen Jackson says:

    These are really wonderful. The colours are so cheery.

  4. Beautiful, bright and happy sunflowers! The way you have stamped them gives such depth! xxx

  5. Bonnie says:

    They are both so cheerful, Heather! They make my heart smile!

  6. Shauna Todd says:

    I love the bright Fall colors. What a wonderful card!

  7. Heather, I absolutely love your work and wish I lived closer so that I could take your classes. That being said, can I ask why you seem to prefer the Distress Stains? I purchased the Distress Oxides and I really don’t like them to be honest. Before I purchase these I thought I’d ask.

    • Heather says:

      Hi MaryFran,
      Thank you for your encouraging words. Regarding the distress stains, I like them because of the watery look I get when I stamp with them. The stains blend both on the stamp and on the paper. That look is not for everyone I know, some like the more defined colour inside the lines look. The stain daubers are being discontinued so applying the stain directly to the stamp wont be possible with the spray stains unless I come up with a new system. I’m yet to investigate that. I also like painting with the stains as they blend so beautifully with each other and with water.
      The distress oxides are a whole different ball game. I like the way they layer on each other if you dry the layers in between. I like creating backgrounds with them and blending them with a sponge. I can’t see myself painting with them but I’m not ruling that out yet. They are also fun to stamp on with water. If you start with a blended background then spritz your stamp and stamp it on the oxide background the watermark effect is quite dramatic.
      Anyway there are a few of my thoughts on distress products; hope they are helpful.

  8. This is so beautiful. You make it sound so easy too. Thank you for sharing your technique.

  9. Liz in NH says:

    Just lovely, and wonderful mix of sharp and watery effect. Hard to do- for me! Thanks for all your helpful instructions.

  10. Barbara says:

    So pretty Heather, a happy card indeed.

  11. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

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