Homestead views

I am really enjoying working with alcohol inks on photo paper right now. I just taught a class where we worked on photo paper and the effects are quite different to those I get on watercolour paper. I am using glossy photo paper from Costco and for stamping on these cards, archival inks. I have since switched to StazOn inks because they dry more quickly and slip less on the glossy surface.

These two cards feature a Darkroom Door stamp of the quintessential Australian homestead from days gone by. I chose colours that remind me of the often dry summer landscape and black bases to match the ink.

I used the swipe method to apply alcohol ink to the photo paper, dropping colours onto an impermeable craft mat, diluting them with rubbing alcohol then swiping my panel through the ink several times to cover the area.


Stamps: Homestead (Darkroom Door)
Inks: Jet black archival ink & sunshine yellow, willow, ginger, stonewashed, slate grey alcohol inks (Ranger)
Papers: glossy photo paper (Kirkland from Costco), Neenah epic black cardstock, brown cardstock
Tools: craft mat

7 Comments on “Homestead views”

  1. Pat says:

    I really love that Homestead stamp from Darkroom Door Heather and the alcohol inks on glossy paper work beautifully and I love the colours on both versions too, really gorgeous. x

  2. creatingincolors says:


  3. Liz in NH says:

    Really nice, can almost feel the heat. Always something new and different to try with the supplies I already have, Heather. Thank you!

  4. memalagene says:

    Awesome effect!

  5. love this card..and the colouring is gorgeous ;O))

  6. ND says:

    I have been looking again at your homestead view posted on 24 April, one which I especially appreciate. You have mentioned today your experimentation with a new technique and your use of photo card. We know how difficult it is to apply colour agents, especially to gloss paper.

    Having tried to add a sentiment or caption to photographs I have found the colours are not always as i expected and that it is difficult to control the line. Your regular viewers and commenters appreciate your encouragement and experimentation with new products and techniques. I wonder how your latest combination would translate to the use of matt photo paper.

    My preference is for the earlier card, not only for the sentiment it carried, but for the realistic portrayal of the sepia tones of the rusty iron and the Australian outback.

    I will be interested to see more Darkroom Door in the future

  7. Wow they turned out so cool!

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