Effulgence note

effulgence note Heather Telford

When I was making my pink and gold love card last week I had two panels on the go. I created both using the emboss resist method along with colorburst powders. I didn’t do too much blending on this one so the patterns the powders made after I’d spritzed them remain, especially on the left hand side of the panel.

emboss resist Heather Telford

I embossed the ‘Effulgence’ stamp on hot pressed watercolour paper in clear powder then sprinkled ultramarine and violet colorburst powders over the panel. I spritzed the panel from above and watched the colour move before adding any more powder or water.

emboss resist Heather Telford

I wanted the area around the flowers to be completely covered in paint so I blended some areas with a paintbrush. Around the edges I left it abstract. The panel was very tall and thin so I ended up with a tall thin card finished with a sentiment popped up over the flower stems.

effulgence note close up Heather Telford


Stamps: effulgence, sentiment collection (PB)
Paint: violet & ultramarine Colorburst watercolor powder (Ken Oliver)
Cardstock: hot pressed watercolour paper
Ink: versamark (tsukineko)
Also:  clear embossing powder

13 Comments on “Effulgence note”

  1. marilyn418 says:

    I bet you are Penny Black’s #1 salesperson! I know I have bought several stamps after being inspired by your lovely art….

  2. Clelie says:

    I second Marilyn’s note above! 😀 You are the reason I have a lovely supply of Penny Black stamps!…and I love the photo tutorial on this gorgeous card!

  3. Lindsey says:

    The mix of blue and purple is lovely! (My purple powder is a very blue-y purple…) As an aside, Effulgence is such an interesting name for that stamp…

    • Heather says:

      Mmm, I had to look up ‘effulgence’ in the dictionary; it was not in my vocabulary. I can’t say that I have popped it into many conversations but who knows, it might happen!

  4. creatingincolors says:

    Heather, your comment above makes me feel better. I didn’t know what “effulgence” meant either! But I sure like it now! Beautiful card!

  5. Pat says:

    This is so pretty Heather and the colour combination is gorgeous using the Colorbursts and the embossed resist technique works brilliantly with this PB stamp. x

  6. Marliese Zimmerman says:

    Love the colors. Can’t wait to try this technique.

  7. So gorgeous! Love the colours! xxx

  8. Chrystal Lewis says:

    Love this technique, makes such nice cards. Must try for a valentines card.


  9. Janet L. says:

    This card is gorgeous as are your others! Thank you for sharing your talents!!

  10. Mimi Van de Velde says:

    Nice card!

  11. Ronda says:


  12. Daria says:

    Beautiful card. I love the resist technique, and your white flowers look wonderful against that gorgeous background. Thank you for sharing it.

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