Three northern scenes

Tree scene 1 Heather Telford

I recently taught a card class where we created Christmas cards featuring the northern lights over snowy landscapes. Everyone’s scenes looked different as there was a variety of inks to choose from. Back in the planning stage for the class I created a few different scenes as I worked out what would work in a class setting. (I have to make sure I can reproduce my own techniques if I am going to have any chance of teaching them to others.)

Tree scene 2 Heather Telford

The top card and the bottom card were experiments that didn’t become class samples and the middle one was a variation I did during class. They all happen to use the blue and plum colour scheme. The two above have masking fluid snow flakes and the one below a bit more definition in the mountains. Sometimes my experiments end up as class projects, sometimes they become recycling and, sometimes as the case was with these three they join my stash of cards to use as needed. These ones really should have been sent already to arrive at their destination by Christmas.

Tree scene 3 Heather Telford

Have you sent all your cards yet?  I’m not even half way there.


Stamps: woodland beauty, yuletide wishes, joy filled
Inks: versafine onyx black (Tsukineko), chipped sapphire and seedless preserves distress stain (Ranger)
Paper: hot pressed watercolour papers (Fabriano), blue and plum shimmer cardstock
Also: masking fluid

15 Comments on “Three northern scenes”

  1. Corinne King says:

    I have 20 cards left to address and mail. You’ll be happy to know that a few were using techniques I learned from you! Thanks!

  2. Sherry Hammond says:

    Beautiful! I love your landscapes!

  3. Susie Williams says:

    This is so beautiful Heather. The snow looks so real!!!! Good thing you are back in Canada, I noticed it was 35C in Canberra yesterday. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent.

  4. Clelie says:

    Oh…they are all three so very beautiful. I think I love the second one best!!! 😀 (How is that calendar coming???? A girl can wish, can’t she? ) 😀

  5. Theresa Petermann says:

    I just got my woodland beauty stamp yesterday. ready to make my winter cards for January. thanks as always for sharing.

  6. Pat says:

    Three more really beautiful winter scenes Heather and a great mix of colours, and what I love is that every one is individual. x

  7. Pent says:

    Love all of your artwork, thanks for sharing–and Merry Christmas 🙂

  8. These are all gorgeous, Heather, even the “class rejects!” I’m so sorry I couldn’t make that particular class.
    This year’s cards are MADE but not yet SENT. I was a little overwhelmed with the response from this year’s Caring Hearts Card Drive: 3500 cards! Wonderful, but time-consuming to sort, package and mail out. Plus needed to find more nursing homes!
    Have a very merry Christmas, hope to see you in 2017.

    • Heather says:

      Thank you Caroline. I am so glad the response was good for Caring Hearts especially as the timing of my trip meant that I kind of forgot about it (sorry!) I know the cards will be appreciated. Hope you can relax and enjoy your Christmas and New Year.

  9. tish rowe says:

    You are amazing and how wonderful to share with us your class card. I teach also and I have to be able to teach what I do..therefore, it does take a lot of thought. I agree with what you said in how to reproduce. Good thing is that the concept is the same and all will be different.
    I have NOT even sent one card yet. I just finished all extra jobs and stuff on Tuesday..therefore, this is the week and weekend to get things done. We will go out of town for 2 days to the beach with our dog–and then back again to complete the final chores. I have no doubt that some cards will be late, but, maybe I can blame it on the weather some place.
    Thank you ever so much, Heather. Have a wonderful, Merry Christmas.

  10. Anne Sweeney says:

    Heather I would love to see a video .. so amazing looking .. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too… yours in Christ and ink Anne

    Sent from my iPhone


  11. Lindsey says:

    Shockingly, for the first time in recorded history, almost ALL my cards are in the mail already!!! Obviously I have fallen down in some other aspect of my life. These are really beautiful, Heather. I’m rather glad to read they are inked and not watercolour powders; I tried a watercolour powder night sky yesterday and as my husb said, it looked more like the apocalypse than a peaceful Christmas evening. Sigh.

    • Heather says:

      Lindsey, I’m so impressed your cards are all sent. I made a bit more progress today but the chances of people receiving theirs before Christmas is pretty slim. We are firm believers in the 12 days of Christmas starting on Dec 25 though so no rush! I have made a good number of apocalyptic skies with my watercolour powders, some during live classes!

  12. I love these cards! They are your usual wonderful compositions. Thanks for giving us all a peak into your class prep. I am currently working on getting Christmas cards mailed today. But I am always behind on them and I think my family and friends have come to expect it. Lol!

  13. […] happy to read in the comments that I am not the only one who hasn’t sent all their Christmas cards yet. I am making […]

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