A Bit of Bister

Bister Queen Anne's lace Heather Telford

I have another card for you made from my beginner bister experiments. The panel above, cut from a larger piece, was made by first spritzing water on cold pressed watercolour paper then dropping bister powders onto the dampened paper. I have yet to try other types of paper but I would definitely recommend the texture of cold pressed paper with bister because the liquids settle into the grooves making little patterns of more intense colour.

I chose the Queen Anne’s lace stamps from the flower sparks set as they were perfect for stamping over the bister. I was able to position the stems and flower heads to make the most of random patterns.

Thanks for dropping by. More bister bits & pieces to come!


Stamps: Flower Sparks, Snippets (Penny Black)
Inks:  Versafine Onyx Black, (Tsukineko) Bister pigment powders
Cardstock: Canson cold pressed watercolour paper, Fabriano hot pressed watercolour paper

12 Comments on “A Bit of Bister”

  1. Betsy Wilson says:

    Cool! Looking forward to more!

  2. megote says:

    trop beau!!!!

  3. Liz in NH says:

    Looks like queen anne’s lace dancing in the wind! So pretty!

  4. online22much says:

    I just received my Bisters. I know I’ll get some great inspiration from your projects. Could also tell us how/what tools you used to apply the Bister. I seem to be too heavy-handed with it. TFS

  5. online22much says:

    Love your Bister cards, actually, all of your cards. I just received my Bisters and would love to know what you use to apply them.

    • Heather says:

      These are just my first experiments so I am sure I will find other ways to apply the bister but for this card and the last I picked up small amounts of powder with a very small paintbrush and dropped it into the water on my watercolour paper.

  6. Pat says:

    Wow, this has amazing colours Heather, and the Queen Anne’s Lace is the perfect silhouette stamp to go on top.

  7. Lindsey says:

    Now I definitely need to get some bisters. Such a great effect here behind the ethereal Queen Anne’s lace.

  8. Jan Thomas says:

    I love your cards and after seeing a card you did in a winter theme with bister I ordered them. I just wondered where you get your cold pressed watercolor paper? The local craft stores offer only in large poster size sheets but not pads, Is it something you order special? Thank you look forward to seeing more with the bister.

    • Heather says:

      Hi Jan,
      The cold pressed watercolour paper I used this time is Canson and I buy it from DeSerres art supply stores. It comes in several different sized pads.

  9. Carol J Timmerman says:

    These cards are breathtaking! Like others before me, I regret that I do not have a teacher closer to me to learn these techniques in the center of Wisconsin. What events are coming up? It’s July 9,2015 and I’m about the go into high gear with my Penny Black stamps and stickers.

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