Water washed text

Watercolour and text

This is a quick experimental card which worked out. When working with watercolour you never know what might happen; the happenings were good this time.

I taped my watercolour panel to the table to avoid warping when wet then I stamped the flower in versamark. At this point I realized I should have embossed the flower before taping the paper to the table. Feeling a bit lazy I decided to move on without embossing and see what happened. I painted water onto the whole panel then inked the text stamp with three colours and stamped it onto the wet panel. The text bled nicely. (Hmm, ‘bled nicely” ?!) I dried it with a heat gun because I was impatient then sponged the same three colours over the text. At this point I didn’t know whether the versamark flower would still hold embossing powder but it was worth a try.  I untaped the panel and embossed in clear powder. It worked  so I added a little more sponging to highlight the flower and found some ribbon to match.

A happy experiment.


Stamps:  Bliss,  Letter Background (PB)
Inks: Memento Angel Pink, Rose Bud, Danube Blue, Bamboo Leaves & Versamark Tsukineko)
Cardstock: Fabriano 25% cotton hot pressed watercolour paper,
Also: Blue satin ribbon, ivory embroidery thread

19 Comments on “Water washed text”

  1. Benzi says:

    It’s really beautiful!!

  2. anitacorsten says:

    Such a gorgeous card. Good to know that this was working.

    Kind Regards

  3. Paula D says:

    wow, this is beautiful. Love the effect the versamark/embossed image left. I want to try this technique. Thank you!

  4. Jan Castle says:

    You must be brave…such a wonderful experiment – I probably would have started all over again when I realized I forgot to emboss the flower…great job Heather!

  5. Joyce M. says:

    The water color and embossing give a beautiful effect. I’d say that your techniques were definitely working with this stunner.

  6. Francie in Montreal says:

    I’ve never seen this technique before and I do like it. No doubt it’s tricky to get it, just so. Nicely done – it’s very pretty.

  7. Sally H says:

    Wow, Heather! This is stunning! Love the technique will have to try it

  8. Cathy R says:

    Gorgeous, love the soft blended effect 🙂

  9. sandie carter says:

    Simply stunning. Thanks sharing how you made this gorgeous card.

  10. Anne from France says:

    Astounding! May your happy accidents always be colourful and your experiments lazy! I love this card! Thanks for showing us how it was done!

  11. Lindsey says:

    So pretty, Heather. The text bled just the right amount (I’m with you, that doesn’t really sound right, does it?) and the overall effect is gorgeous. It’s always good when experiments work!

  12. KatieP says:


  13. Maureen Chandler says:

    This is just lovely!

  14. This is so pretty! What a fabulous technique xx

  15. Greta H says:

    If only my experiments would turn out like this! What a gorgeous card, Heather!

  16. cduncan1310 says:

    Happy accidents are the best… who would have guessed after the water that the versamark would still grab the embossing powders. Beautiful card!!

  17. Anne Andrews says:

    What an awsome job. You did a fantastic job making it!!

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