Masking Fluid Resist tutorial

The card above was created using the Masking Fluid Resist method and the Penny Black stamp Breezy. A tutorial outlining the method is featured on Splitcoast Stampers today. Below is the video version of the tutorial, the first video tutorial I have ever done. I almost didn’t make it as the first few attempts were not good. I persevered and my clever 11 year-old son did all the editing. Masking Fluid resist is a method I use for creating snowy scenes usually, but I couldn’t bring myself to create a snowy card in spring!

29 Comments on “Masking Fluid Resist tutorial”

  1. Karen says:

    Really great video Heather…thanks for sharing your wonderful cards and the secrets behind creating them….

  2. Maureen Hayes says:

    Thanks for hanging in there and getting this video done, because it really turned out to be a beautiful piece and I learned a lot from it. I know it must have been a lot of work to film and edit (aren’t kids something with technology!) but it as worth it.


  3. Maureen Chandler says:

    This was a wonderful tutorial and I absolutely love your card and colors! Thanks so much for having the patience to explain this so well – and thanks to your 11-year-old as well!

  4. DebGem says:

    Great card – I love all things green!! Thank you for the tutorial – it’s excellent!

  5. lind says:

    Awesome tutorial, Heather! Both by the “talent” and by the technical director. ๐Ÿ˜€ Of course, I knew the moment I opened my SCS email this morning it must be you in the spotlight! So well-deserved, too.

  6. Oh wonderful first video! How fun to listen to your accent ๐Ÿ˜‰ — love the end result

  7. Sue C says:

    Thanks so much – I love your cards!
    Please make more videos ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Great video Heather!

  9. Susan Bridgman says:

    Thanks so much for doing the video and tutorial. I’ve posted a couple of masking fluid cards on SCS inspired by you, but it really helps to see your exact technique. I’ll definitely follow it step by step and hopefully get better results than my first attempts!

  10. Lynne Phelps says:

    What a great tutorial, and I can see how the same technique with different colors would work beautifully for snow!

  11. I. Redden says:

    A really comprehensive, and easy to follow tutorial Heather. Thankyou so much for sharing your knowledge, and your talents ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Loll says:

    Heather, wonderful video and wonderful technique. I saw a few cards with this technique in the SCS gallery and ran out and bought some masking fluid, but wasn’t sure how to use it … thanks for the instructions. Looking forward to giving this technique a try.

  13. Judy says:

    Lovely card and wonderful video tutorial! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  14. Gery says:

    Thanks a lot Heather foor the tutorial. It’s great to see how you do it.
    I already bought the masking fluid a while ago (and also the iridicent fluid :-)), because I wanted to try your Christmas card with the berries on a branch.
    This makes a lot clear to me how to use it.
    I will give it a try now.
    Your card is as ever gorgeous.
    Groetjes Gery

  15. Shaz in oz.x says:

    thanks Heather this was an awesome tutorial can see will need to go and get that masking fluid keep looking at it in the shop and say no.. but love the way you have done this!!!
    Most of all thanks for taking the time to do a video, as you only get how you do it by watching it really!, Shaz in oz.x

  16. Laura says:

    Great tutorial. You’ve inspired me!

  17. Char says:

    Wonderful tutorial. I am so inspired by you, and this is the icing on the cupcake for sure. For once I won’t mind making winter themed cards — love your snowy weather cards. Thank you!

  18. Gabby says:

    Beautiful layered card! TF the video. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Stephanie says:

    Hi Heather, I just loved this so much I bought everything I needed to give it a try, the one question I do have is did you use regular card stock or glossy??? Thanks again for the great ideas!

  20. Thank you for the tutorial โ€“ itโ€™s exactly what I needed to help me create stamped and sponged cards. I’ve been practicing but just wasn’t satisfied with my results. This helps a lot. Please do more tutorials as you find the time. You are a wonderful teacher. Jan

  21. Jenny Martin says:

    Heather I loved your tutorial and just wanted to let you know how relaxing it is listening to you with the music in the background and watching the technique! You could make relaxation videos – you sound so calm and soothing! I am going out to look for masking fluid today!

  22. Charlene says:

    Heather, Thank you so much for the video! Your time and efforts are so appreciated – your cards are so awesome but to have a video showing how you did it is “icing on the cake” so to speak! Just watching you sponge answered some questions I had about your work! Thank You!!!

  23. Vicky says:

    How lovely to see you at work Heather and what a beautifully modulated voice you have! I love the card with all its layering.

  24. Jenyfur says:

    Wonderful, Heather! Just fantastic.

  25. Katherine says:

    Ha! I watched this video on SCS, and thought this card looked like something you would create, but didn’t even realize if WAS yours! I have really got to find some of that masking fluid, I can’t wait to try it!!

  26. […] There is no sign of snow around here yet which is making life much simpler, especially as I am going places with a one year old at present. But of course in the card making worldย  there is plenty of snow! My favourite method for creating falling snow on a card is to use masking fluid. To create this scene I stamped and embossed the tree first and then flicked masking fluid over the whole panel with a tooth brush. Once it dried I positioned my hill mask and sponged the sky with Memento summer sky ink. I repositioned the mask three times to create the snow drifts. If you haven’t used masking fluid before I have a tutorial here. […]

  27. jmhave44 says:

    This is a great tutorial. The editor did a fantastic job. Loved seeing how you did this beautiful card, & now must try my masking resist which I’ve had for a while. TFS

  28. Dora says:

    thank you for this tutorial on how you made this stunning card. I had great enjoyment watching it. I will definitely be buying this masking fluid. Thanks xx

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