Let’s try that again

Today’s post is a little different to the usual.  I have a card which I initially tossed aside followed by the new and improved version.  I have posted both below with a little discussion of what didn’t work and how I fixed it.

Both cards feature warm colours ranging from light to dark.  On the card above I made my darkest colour black, which is too stark against the white cardstock and there is too much of it.  Below the darkest colour was a chocolate brown which against the ivory cardstock is not quite so overwhelming.

I also changed the width of the strip.  I have been playing around with masks a lot as you know and I may still use narrow strips like the one above, however on the card above it is too narrow; I have not followed the rule of thirds, it is more like a quarter.  The one below is a little more generous and draws the eye into the image panel.

The plants in the one below are bigger and lead the eye down toward the sentiment.  The sentiment in the one above was the initial reason I didn’t like the card.  I tried to link it by colour to the panel beside it but it is just not strong enough or big enough to give the card balance.  I think a longer sentiment might have worked better there.  Below I have used a small sentiment but it takes the eye to the edge of the card.  (It doesn’t look quite so washed out in real life)

So there you have it: a little design discussion and a few suggestions as to what elements to consider when you have a card that doesn’t quite work but you are not sure why.  Thanks for dropping in and thanks for the comments you leave which I thoroughly enjoy reading.


Stamps: Garden Silhouettes, Nature Silhouettes, Teensy Tiny Wishes, Tag Lines (Flourishes)
Inks: Chocolate Chip, Summer Sun, Pumpkin Pie, Ruby Red, Basic Black
Cardstock: Flourishes Classic Ivory and White


11 Comments on “Let’s try that again”

  1. Joan B says:

    love that second card and soooo appreciate your design disussion.

  2. sue says:

    Heather, what a great analysis of your two cards! I quite liked the first one, but as I read your paragraph about it, I agreed with every point. And I DO think the second one is perfect! I like seeing more of the color on the card, in particular, and the shading to dark at the bottom instead of the bold dark of the first one. Would the first one have been more visually pleasing if you let the stamp go into the white areas on either side of the strip of color? I don’t know, but I can very safely say I’d have love receiving either card in the mail! Both are beautiful.

  3. ND says:

    I like the second card and appreciate your commentary on the changes you have made.
    There is one change you have not explained – the change of font for the sentiment. In my view, the font used for the sentiment on the second card does not match the quality of the card itself. I note that it is not so pale and washed out in reality; but to me the font suggests the addition of a sentiment added to a generic card, rather than the creation of a card to convey a particular sentiment.
    Would not the use of the original or a similar font have looked less like an afterthought?
    Another very nice card, nevertheless.


  4. Heather says:

    I totally agree about the second sentiment. It is the only thing I would change if I did a third try. I am happy with the placement and the length but a bolder font would be better.

  5. *Chrissie* says:

    How interesting to see the two cards together for comparison and reading your explanations. I totally agree with what you have said and have to also agree with the previous comment regarding the font of the sentiment. The slope of the letters in the word ‘Happy’ in the first sentiment would have echoed the flow of the grasses in the second card!
    Most people would have been thrilled to have been able to produce either of these cards.

  6. sue says:

    It’s funny how our individual thinking goes! I think both cards are so colorful, so elaborate, so striking, that the second card’s font would look better on both!

  7. Oh my goodness Heather. I think they are both gorgeous.. really! I did love your analysis of both cards though. But seriously if I created a card that looked like the first one, there is no way I would have set it aside. I love it!

  8. Hi Heather, lovely card! Indeed the 2nd one is more beautiful! I will put a link here to show you one of my ‘sponge’technique cards. Greetz, Miranda (Don’t know if that works otherwise I can mail it to you if you like)

  9. Sue (suen) says:

    Love your work and thank you so much for the discussion about the two cards! This is the way I learn! Your cards are always so inspirational and I love the way they can be used for either male or female. I struggle with masculine cards!

  10. Lindsey says:

    The first card was looking fine to my eyes… until I read your critique and then scrolled down to see the second card. The shading of the second card is just that much better, as you’ve described. That second one is absolutely stunning!

  11. nancy littrell says:

    I agree Heather for the same reasons why your 2nd card is more appealing. The 2nd card colors are so soothing and the scene so well balanced. TFS and explaining.

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