OLW37 SentimentS

Who would have thought the One Layer Wednesday challenge this week would be so hard?  Thanks Susan for challenging me out of my comfort zone.  I made three attempts before I settled with this design and  I still  have issues with it.  I used the stamp positioner to try and get all these “thank yous” in the appropriate places but some are skewed which frustrates me.

There is no working camera here so the scanner came to the rescue.  I will stamp “Many Thanks” on the inside also.

I am not going to list all the sets I grabbed thank you stamps from, suffice to say I believe this is all I own.  I used Real Red and Basic Black ink on Flourishes Classic Ivory cardstock with some red grosgrain ribbon.

Thanks for dropping by today.


12 Comments on “OLW37 SentimentS”

  1. Valerie says:

    Love the card Heather, it’s a lovely concept sometimes we add too much to our cards. Like where you’ve placed the ribbon
    Valerie x

  2. Donna H says:

    I haven’t tackled this challenge yet for exactly this reason! You did a nice job. I like the way you put one in red.

  3. Bahb says:

    Chances are, the skewing is because the rubber was applied to the wood slightly skewed, in which case the stamp positioner wouldn’t help because it straightens the wood, not the rubber. And poly stamps aren’t always perfectly straight either. No matter that they are flexible, poly stamps sometimes must be cut to straighten them.

    But you fixed the problem because what WILL be noticed is the red word and the beautiful red ribbon. VERY clever “fix”!

    Besides, you get a break because you’re the Queen of Gorgeous Winter Scenes and even do reflections in the snow. 🙂


  4. Paulette S in MO says:

    I can see where you would be frustrated and it would bug me too because I’m all about the details, but we all need to cut ourselves some slack now and then and I never throw bloopers away. I love it and my eyes were immediately drawn to the red words. And the recipient will love it too. You know, I made some cards for my aunt who had 2 surgeries back to back on her back (LOL)4 days apart. I used SU’s top note die and layered some very pretty papers that I got from K&Co on cheap Wal-mart card stock. I got ink on the backs of some of them and had to stamp on the backs to fix it!! Because I was near the end when I discovered my smears. I’d worked so hard on them and I decided that she would be sending them to family anyway as thank yous for well wishes and prayers, so it didn’t matter and I resolved to send them anyway. She adored them so much, that she told people that she gave them to, how special the card was and that not just anyone would get one of them. Isn’t that funny-sweet. =D When she told me, it just made my heart smile so big on the inside.

  5. Susan says:

    Heather, if you hadn’t mentioned the “crooked” stamping, no one would have noticed…and I must say, I really don’t think any of it is crooked. I love that you highlighted one sentiment in red. A very classy card!

  6. I think the card is fab!! I like the spotlight on one sentiment – works brilliantly!

  7. Awesome card! Love how the red stands out and summarises it all.

    I was going to something similar, but among all my “Thank You” stamps I don’t have anything that says, “Many Thanks”.

  8. *Chrissie* says:

    As gorgeous as ever Heather, there’s a little award for you on my blog!

  9. Lindsey says:

    Wow, this is a great card — you have a lot of thank you stamps! And with such a variety, there’s no way you can notice if anything’s a bit “off”!

  10. Deb says:

    Oh my gosh, Heather, you are absolutely inspiring!! I just came upon your blog tonight and have already added it to my favourites. 🙂 Your cards are beautiful, peaceful creations!!

  11. WOW! What a lot of thank yous! Love, love, love it, and the design is forgiving…didn’t notice crookedness on first look and still had a hard time seeing it after reading what you said. I’d say that’s a FAB cas design! Thanks for taking on the challenge!

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