Alcohol ink experiments

I’ve taken a bit of time in the last week to experiment with some neglected mediums in my workroom. It has been both enjoyable and challenging as I try to remember process and techniques I haven’t tried in a while. These three alcohol ink panels used different combinations of turquoise, eggplant, currant and gilded alloy inks. The panels are larger than my usual card size, more than double at 6″x 9″ and I’m wondering how to use them.

I could cut them up and put them on card bases but I thought I would ask you what you for ideas. They would probably make nice journal or notebook covers.

I used a different type of paper for these. It is made by Nara, I ordered from Amazon just to see what it was like. It was very similar to yupo or grafix white craft plastic which I have used in the past. To create the patterns I used copious amounts of isopropyl alcohol and a hand ink blower to move the ink forwards and backwards creating dried edges and soft diluted ‘clouds’.

If I don’t come up with any ideas right now I may end up cutting circles from the panels to make Christmas cards; the patterns make very pretty Christmas balls. Let me know what you think and if you would like to see a video of any of the above processes.

Before I go thank you so much for your enthusiastic response to the pencil coloured animals. It seems we have animal lovers as well as plant lovers around here which is wonderful. What about lovers of abstract colourful patterns?!


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23 Comments on “Alcohol ink experiments”

  1. I really love the idea of Christmas ornament cards but I would probably cut them down to card size and adhere a large sentiment Beautiful just as they are though💜

  2. Janet S. says:

    If these were mine, I would add a scripture verse and frame them. Especially the first one. Gosh, I love these. What a treat! I can’t use alcohol ink because of my asthma so I love it when you share!!

  3. Louise Collins says:

    I make panels from mine.

    Louise Collins
    Sent from my iPad

  4. Lynne Ingram says:

    They are all beautiful and yes, please, a video.

  5. Lorraine Melin says:

    These are stunning. I’d love to see a video!

  6. These are awesome, I don’t have any ideas but I do like the Christmas ornaments idea 🙂
    I am a visual learner so I always enjoy watching video’s!

  7. Patti J. says:

    I would also add a beautiful scripture or sentiment, and frame them. The first one would be gorgeous in a frame!!! You almost have a Christmas present done!

  8. Patti J. says:

    Hmmmm…..and the second one! And the 3rd one….

  9. Carole says:

    Yes, Heather– always love your videos!!

  10. Louise Collins says:

    These are lovely. I tried to post pictures of what I do with them, but didn’t succeed. Would love to see a video of your technique.

  11. marilyn418 says:

    Stunning! I cut them down to make cards, as the larger size is more impactful… Clearly, we’d all like a video! Would also like to hear your thoughts on “Nara”….never heard of it. How does it compare to Yupo, which I think quite pricey.

  12. Robyn Oliver says:

    Wonderful AI designs Heather…. I too would add script and display them – there’s something quietly calming in the second two. A video yes please and like Marilyn your thoughts on prices with the different types of paper…. just gorgeous

  13. Karen Jackson says:

    I adore these gorgeous pieces just as they are, and if I had achieved them I would frame them ! However you could cut them in half and put a sentiment on the white part, or add a tiny panel with a sentiment on the first one. Yes, Heather a video would be lovely.

  14. Pat says:

    These three AI pieces are gorgeous Heather, and as cards are more my kind of thing I would probably cut them into different sized panels and add them to cards with just a sentiment, but your idea of Christmas baubles is a great one. Since you showed us the art of moving the inks around with the puffer I did buy one but haven’t got around tried it out yet so it would be good to see another video. x

  15. sdelane3 says:

    These are beautiful I esp love the colors, I have inks I have not used in some time now this just might inspire me to get them out. Oh and yes a video would be great!

  16. patricia rowe says:

    Delighted that you are using alcohol inks. I love how you really never know what you will get.
    I will wait eagerly to see what you do with them. Christmas will be just around the corner, too…so whatever you decide…we are holding our breaths.

  17. Bonnie says:

    Beautiful patterns and movement, Heather! They would be beautiful matted and framed!

  18. nancystiz says:

    These are gorgeous! If cut to size they’d stand alone with a die cut sentiment but love your idea of Christmas baubles too. And a huge YES to a video. We’d love to see how you did this. Alcohol ink is fun but learning new ways to use it is even more fun!

  19. Evelyn Spikes says:

    Personally, I prefer abstract ink shapes over animals. 🙂 That’s just me. Beautiful alcohol ink pieces.

  20. Absolutely gorgeous! What a soothing color palette. Please do post a video – love these!

  21. Amy D. says:

    OMG THESE ARE OTHER-WORLDLY!!! SO beautiful. I would LOVE to see a video. These can be framed for SURE. If I could do something like that (which I don’t think I could) I would turn it into a 5×7 card and send it to someone really special. Really extraordinary. I just LOVE them. PLEASE do a video!!

  22. Loll says:

    AMAZING work with AIs Heather. I love how you’ve created these mystical clouds. The colours are amazing but it’s the design with the puffer that’s made them so special. It seems a shame to cut them up, but at the same time, you can always make more, right??!! xx

  23. […] you have been visiting my blog for a while you will have seen the backgrounds before. I posted the panels back in June and asked you all for your thoughts on how to use them. Some of you suggested adding a quote or […]

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