A Time to Plant

We’ve been told since our first spring in Ottawa almost 20 years ago not to plant outside before the May long weekend. We had snow less than two weeks ago so you can see how that might be good advice. The long weekend has arrived, the weather is looking pretty good in the forecast and we’re getting ready to plant flowers, herbs and vegetables in our garden and pots.

Maybe you recognise the phrase ‘a time to plant’ from the 1960’s song Turn, Turn, Turn but it is much older than that. The phrase comes from a section of poetry in the book of Ecclesiastes. My brother David has been posting short talks from Ecclesiastes on his youtube channel and I would like to invite you to check them out. I have included below the one where he discusses the idea that that there is a time for everything. If you are like me you might be a stickler for starting series at the beginning whether it be books, tv shows or videos. The video below is not the first in the series but if you head to David’s youtube channel you will find them all there.



4 Comments on “A Time to Plant”

  1. Pat says:

    My mother always used to say ‘don’t shed a clout til May be out’ and to be honest I’m not sure if that refers to the May flower, which is out already, or the month of May. I tend to leave the buying of summer bedding plants and such like until the beginning of June. My dad used to grow flowers and vegetables from seed in the greenhouse but would quite often put them in a cold frame to ‘harden off’ before planting then out. x

    • Heather says:

      This year my daughter has planted quite a few flower seeds. We will give them a few more weeks inside then hope they will flourish outside. Most years I just buy seedlings but of course this year is a bit different. Hopefully it will be a new tradition.

  2. Mac Mable says:

    Yes I agree totally with Pat. Up here in Scotland we do not put our annuals out until May is out…Yes I have tried seed growing this year for the first time because of the lockdown and it’s quite exciting! x Stay safe and well x.

  3. Lagene says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your brother’s scripture video!

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