OLW 154 One-One-One

OLW 154 One-One-One

This week’s One Layer Wednesday Challenge is to use one image stamp, one ink colour and one sentiment stamp to create your card. We might have done something a little like this before but I think it makes us think about keeping it simple which is one of our aims on this challenge.

I used a single flower stamp but masked a square first to limit how much of the stamp showed. My colour choice was grey which is a little unusual for a flower but I have seen some very striking grey images on cards lately so I thought I would give it a go.

OLW 154 Rules

1. A one-layer card is defined as a single layer of card stock folded in half. No other layers of paper allowed.

2. Make a card using only one image stamp, one colour and one sentiment stamp

3. Post your card somewhere online and link back to it here using the InLinkz button on the sidebar. If linking to a blog post, please be sure to link to the specific post and not your blog’s home page.

4. The most important rule of all…HAVE FUN!


Stamps:  Wishes, Dazzling (PB)
Inks: Versafine Smokey Gray(Tsukineko)

13 Comments on “OLW 154 One-One-One”

  1. ND says:

    First to comment! Whose is the responsibility to create the challenge? does it come from a higher ‘office’? I shall be interested to see which are the popular colours for a one colour challenge.

  2. Sandie says:

    Gorgeous card, the grey really works and I love the masking.

  3. Ardyth says:

    ND has an interesting comment – it will be interesting to see for sure! So far, there’s no trend in colour choice (only 4 posted so far). This is a great challenge to push our creativity and skills!

  4. Lovely card – great challenge! So easy I just had to play today Thanks

  5. Tanis Scott says:

    Hmmm, interesting. The grey makes it look like a black and white photo. Very cool. Also interesting how different this looks by masking off a square than had you just stamped the flower shape.

  6. nise says:

    Thanks for using my favorite ink for this one! Your masking skills add so much to this card. Your One-One-One is really classy.

  7. Awesome challenge and card, Heather! The masking is brilliant.

  8. Carol says:

    Heather, I wish I had even a scrid of your imagination and talent … would like to know if you are a trained artist— or just a gifted one… I have artist envy!

  9. Lindsey says:

    So very pretty. And of course by using an image with some fine detail, you do get some apparent depth of colour even though you’ve just used the one ink. Nice!

  10. I love this card! You always seem to have a certain knack, well skill, in choosing the right image and ink for each project. Any tips? :O) If I get the chance I may well go in for this challenge….a real challenge for me but what a discipline! Love your card and thanks for sharing!

  11. […] one layer Wednesday challenge is to have one image stamp, one ink color and one sentiment stamp […]

  12. ND says:

    As a non-card-making regular viewer of Heather’s blog, I have been interested to view the responses to this latest challenge. A wide range of colours has been used and no one colour, not even black, seems to predominate. Of interest, too, is the variety of interpretations of the challenge, some using most of the available space. others responding to the apparent simplicity of the challenge with smaller images, lesser detail and more open space. One aspect seems clear. That is, we commonly use a variety of blending or contrasting colours to create definition and distinction within an image. The limitation to one colour requires us to focus afresh on the core and content of the image as these will reflected almost totally in the line and shading… I have enjoyed the challenge, even though I have nothing but words to contribute. Congratulations to all participants.

  13. […] the One Layer Wednesday challenge with a one colour, one stamp, one sentiment card. (you can see it here). When I was working on that card I stamped the flower stamp, Dazzling on the plastic imaging […]

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