Hand-drawn birthday cupcake

 hand drawn cupcake

Thanks for all your kind wishes for my birthday last week. My family spoiled me with wonderful food and gifts and I had a very enjoyable day. Most of the afternoon was spent with my husband setting up his gift for me: the laptop I am using to write this post. It has enabled me to get a few posts ready to publish sitting in the lodge at the ski hill while my son skis.

The card above was hand drawn by my younger daughter – pretty sweet looking cupcake isn’t it?

My older daughter gave me season three of Downton Abbey, which we are very keen to watch after really enjoying the first two seasons a friend loaned me over Christmas. I have been telling friends not to tell me anything about the current season, I don’t want to see any spoilers!

12 Comments on “Hand-drawn birthday cupcake”

  1. Gabby says:

    Cute ard! Your daughter did a great job hand-drawing the festive cupcake! Glad you had a nice b.d. I just started watching Downton Abbey this yr. I have three prior seasons to watch. I like it lots. 🙂

  2. Jan Castle says:

    Talent must run in the family….great cupcake! She did a wonderful job and I KNOW you appreciate her making it for you!!!!

  3. Sweet card – Happy belated birthday Heather!

  4. vicci trueman says:

    What an artistic daughter you have. She could be a great stamp designer; that cupcake is adorable, and doodle stamps are so “in” right now. Perhaps she could sell digi-stamps; although, I don’t know much about that.

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  5. Pamela B. says:

    Happy {belated} Birthday! You’ll love season 3! Happy for you that you have family to spoil you! Great cupcake!! We’re not getting older, we’re getting wiser. Blessings to you!

  6. Carol B says:

    Very artistic cupcake, runs in the family. Your birthday sounded wonderful.

  7. Mary H. says:

    Obviously your dtr has inherited your fine artistic talent. Great job on the card, and what a treasure to have a hand-drawn special card from a special young lady. Glad you enjoyed a fine birthday. May you have many,many more. Hugs

  8. serendipitydragonfly says:

    Wow Heather – it’s obvious your daughter as inherited your “crafty” talent…..beautiful cupcake which looks almost Zentagle. Glad you got spoilt on your birthday. Enjoy series 3 of Downton.

    Karen x

  9. Vicki B says:

    Your daughter is an artist! Great cupcake!

  10. Anne from France says:

    Brilliant…move over Heather you have competition!

  11. Lindsey says:

    That is a beautiful card that obviously will be cherished. Hooray for the laptop — you could even post WHILE watching Downton Abbey, if you so choose. 😉 And I think you should write me after you watch season three with your reactions… (Yes, a fellow fan here.)

  12. Darnell says:

    I see your daughter has inherited her mother’s artistic talent, Heather! I see designing in her future! Happy belated birthday if I haven’t already left my best wishes!!

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