Tiles from a background stamp

Background stamp tiles

When I had this stamp out to make the birthday card I played around with a few different inks, papers and techniques. I know it is the size of a background stamp but I have stopped thinking of it as a background stamp as I am yet to use it in the background. It is such a pretty design it always gets to be the main event. When a stamp has a lot of blank un-patterned rubber on it, it can be hard to ink evenly so I played around a bit with inks and water to try and get past this issue. If you use a pigment ink it is juicier and will give you good coverage. I wanted to blend some colours on the stamp so I chose to use water soluble Memento dye inks instead.

I inked the stamp generously with Paris Dusk and Teal Zeal then spritzed it with water giving the water and ink a little time to blend before stamping the image on white card stock. The blank rubber part of the image is not solid colour but I quite like the texture created with some tiny air bubbles and ink pooling. I tried the large image on the card base but decided to cut it into tiles to add another element to the design.

Thanks for all your kind birthday wishes. My birthday is Sunday; my husband is exactly one week older and wiser than me!


Stamps: Glory of Modesty (PB)
Inks: Memento Teal Zeal & Paris Dusk (Tsukineko)
Cardstock: Periwinkle  Mix & Match Papers

Several of you wanted to see the misunderstood birthday card I made for my husband so I have included it below. If you are as baffled as half my family were then you can mouse over the picture or click on it and you will see the photo title.

The aspects of this card I don’t like are:
the lack of branches on the tree. I am looking forward to using this stamp again with foliage
the sponged ski trails which aren’t very even
the sparse landscape. We don’t like skiing out in the open like that; it gets too cold but as I was stamping at the last minute one tree was all this card got. Sad that the cardmaker’s family’s cards get left to last!

Aspects of this card I do like:
the sentiment in the sky
the colouring on one side of the tree trunk

Ski trails

24 Comments on “Tiles from a background stamp”

  1. Edna Burgess says:

    The tiled card is beautiful. All your playing around and trying different things worked well. Happy Birthday to you and your husband. Edna

  2. Beverly Robinson says:

    I love the tiled card. It reminds me of a Delft tile card I once saw and wanted to make. I like the simplicity of your husband’s card. Thank you for sharing your talent and ideas.

  3. Judy says:

    I love the tiled card and agree that Glory of Modesty should be the star of the show. I recently got that stamp and am enjoying all the inspiration from you. Happy Birthday to you–enjoy!

  4. Frieda says:

    Wunderschön !!

    Ich staune immer wieder über Ihre Kunstwerke !

    lg Frieda

  5. Pai says:

    i am totally going to CASE this tiled background idea! LOVE!!!!

  6. Francie in Montreal says:

    I love looking at both these cards. They have so much to offer. Also, it’s very interesting knowing the story behind each and how you came to make the finished product. Love it!

  7. Doris Cote says:

    At first I thought it was a car with a guy who neglected to ask for directions, but realized there would have to be a road. hahaha I like the skis idea, clever girl. I do like the sky with the ever so slightly darker sentiment. I want to try that.

    Love the tile design as well. I just saw a tutorial done with inchies and love the effect. Looking at the same old stamp in a new way is what I love about this one.

  8. Tanis S says:

    Love the tiles. Looks like a beautiful view out of a french window.

  9. Stephanie says:

    Happy Birthday for Sunday Heather! Whenever I visit your blog I always end up feeling like a beginner card maker….your inking techniques are always a work of art! x

  10. Karenajo says:

    Love the look of the tiled card – thanks for the helpful tips. I am sure your husband appreciated his card and understood it – sometimes that is all that matters ! Happy Birthday to you both !

  11. Happy Birthday & thank you with all the wonderful cards you share.

  12. ooh the tiled card is stunning! I like your scene card too – I love the starkness of it. xx

  13. Dianne says:

    Beautiful tiles and I too love the colors it created fabulous job, thanks for sharing, and have a great weekend…

  14. Janet Castle says:

    Lovely tiles…a really good idea for background stamps! TFS
    Happy, happy, happy Birthday Heather!!!
    Paper Hugs,

  15. Lindsey says:

    I can certainly see why you don’t want to relegate this large stamp to the background. The mixed colours, textured background and tiling really allow it to stand on its own.
    For your husb’s card… um, yeah, x-country ski trails! I will agree that your lonely tree is a little more sparse than is your norm.

  16. Gery says:

    I had a lot of cathing up to do on your blog.
    You made a lot of beautiful cards lately (like the lady in Vienna very much!).
    Groetjes Gery

  17. nise says:

    Tiles are divine! That stamp is so gorgeous. I’m glad you’re making it the star of the show. Really like how you used 2 different inks, a bit of water and got beauty. Simple, yet stunning.
    Your husband’s birthday tree made me think — solid, long standing part of your life. I think it’s a great card. Your snow and sky are great. I do get the family cards seem to be quick & less difficult. I’m trying really hard to put more effort into Mr. Wonderful’s cards. I get an “ouchie” when he remarks on getting a 5 minute card. Happy Birthday!

  18. Darnell says:

    You’ve smacked my gob again, Heather! Amazing! I like the ethereal look of your husband’s card. I thought the ski tracks were the shadow of telephone wires on the snow. But I guess a lot of people wouldn’t even know about telephone wires any more since so many are underground now.

    Have a wonderful birthday on Sunday and many, many more!!

  19. I actually could see they were ski tracks in the snow and i think the card has a particular surreal effect which is soooo different from what you normally do. Gosh if I put on a pair of skies, my tracks would be all over the place!!!! LOVE that tree colouring…superb! That’s what lifts is out. The snowy hills are rather cloud like, adding to that surreal look. Don’t be hard on yourself…you have discovered a new creative inspiration lurking ….!!!!!

  20. Just love the tiles cards…..loving the background colour…if it was solid it would be too flat looking. Superb! Bravo!

  21. moonbud says:

    Thanks for showing us a way of using a background stamp, other than as a background. You are so inventive – love it! This gives a whole new world for background stamps. As for the surreal card, it’s so obvious that it’s a skiing thing – what else? And happy birthday to both of you

  22. KatieP says:

    WOW, so beautiful, I loved the color combination.

  23. Dorothy C. says:

    Beautiful tile card and such a gorgeous stamp.
    As for the hubby’s card, I must admit I thought it was shadows from telephone or electrical cables (boy do I feel dumb). Not a lot of cross country skiing in Los Angeles. But I liked the card.

  24. Daria says:

    I love the Glory of Modesty card with the blue tiles. Beautiful!

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