Snow falling on pines

When I showed this card to my second daughter she told me with a smile that I was in a rut.  I prefer to think I am on a roll!  I am concentrating on sponged landscapes at present, but it is entirely possible that tomorrow I might have no inspiration for another and start instead to punch out squares  or emboss flowers.

I intended for this one to be a one layer card but when removing the post-it notes at the end one took some of the white cardstock with it so I had to cut out my scene and create a new base.  I stayed simple just popping it up a little.  The falling snow was inspired by a gorgeous card Sally made here.  I used her technique of mixing a little white acrylic paint with water and splattering it  over the stamping and sponging.

Thanks for all your comments about the tutorial.  I am glad it has been helpful and will draw a name  to send the original card to on Saturday.


Stamps: Lovely as a Tree, Taglines (Flourishes)
Inks:   Basic Black, Perfect Plum, Going Gray
Cardstock:   Flourishes Classic White
Also: Stampin’ Dimensionals, White acrylic paint

19 Comments on “Snow falling on pines”

  1. sue says:

    Oh, yes, you’re definitely on a roll, not in a rut! This is lovely. The background colors are beautiful. I really like the card cut and popped up, too. Another something to try! A distinct advantage is that you can place it exactly where you want on your card. Lovely creation!

  2. Dianna says:

    This is gorgeous!! Thanks for another great idea!

  3. Joan V says:

    Oh, this card is so gorgeous. When I opened your post, I went “Ahhhhhh”. This brings to mind snowy nights and taking a walk, and hearing Nothing, but silence. Thanks for sharing this card. I absolutely love it.

  4. That was a gorgeous mistake! I love it popped up!! Yep – its a ROLL nit a rut!!

  5. Karen G says:

    You are definetly NOT in a rut..but in a groove….what a BEAUTIFUL card.And the technique is definetly one I want to try.Popping the scene up gave it so much depth…….I love it when mistakes come together….lol

  6. Kez says:

    Oh my, Heather, another gorgeous art work with your special talent! So beautiful, love the colours on this one. Great tutorial too, and one I am determined to have a go at really soon! Hope you had a lovely Xmas and I have a gift for you at this blog post


  7. Bahb says:

    Oh Lordy, yes you are on a roll. Ruts are easy to come by, rolls produce real art. I do ruts all the time!

    This card is my new fave, but I laugh at myself because I KNOW I can hide my mistakes if I use this spatter technique. But it will be my luck that this technique looks like kindergarten mistakes, if I do it, and art if you do it. 🙂


  8. Debbie Currie says:

    I just love the colours. Its such a peacefull card.

  9. Mickie Kiefer says:

    I think this card is beautiful!

  10. Tammie E says:

    Wow, Heather…is your daughter nuts? Your card is gorgeous! I saw it in the SCS gallery and had to come check out the details. It’s very peaceful…I wish I were there right now! Happy New Year!

  11. terry says:

    Stunning card! I can see using it for many different reasons. Would love a tutorial! Thanks for sharing.

  12. nancy littrell says:

    I can not get enough of your “rutted roll”! Keep them coming. This is another true beauty. TFS

  13. anne marie says:

    wow i want to know more about how to do this ,, you did such a great job … share the wealth feel free to get a hold of me .. this is what ive been wanting to know more about ,,… thanks anne marie

  14. Kathy W says:

    Oh my, this is so beautiful. I would love to know how how you created those snowy hills (is it just that it is popped up); thanks for the link to the tutorial.

  15. Curt OBrien says:

    Truly a beautiful card. I love the fact that you used pinks in the sky instead of the go to blues or grays. Nicely done! Best, Curt

  16. wendyp81 says:

    this is gorgeous!!! Love the pink sky for the winter snow scene!

  17. Godelieve says:

    Another beauty! Love your style!

  18. Susan Baker says:

    This card was posted on this date, seven years ago. It is gorgeous AND its beauty is timeless!!!

  19. Rosemary ward says:

    This looks great! I love the winter scenery.

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