My clever boy

I don’t have any cards of my own to share but here are few winners from my boy.  His  cards continue to amaze me.  Sometimes he uses my stamps but more often than not he creates his whole card by cutting and piecing images he has drawn himself.  Here are some of his latest creations:

This one he made for a boy turning 13

Then he took a different approach for a penguin-loving girl turning 10

And then a hockey-loving boy turning 10

But my personal favourite is the hand drawn farewell card he made for his 19 year old cousin who stayed with us for a few weeks.  He skated;  he skied;  he made snowmen;  he tobogganed and then within a few days of leaving us he was on the coast of Australia, surfing.

I haven’t been doing any card making lately, but I have been pursuing a different artistic pursuit that I hope to share with you soon.

Thanks for stopping by after things have been quiet here so long,

4 Comments on “My clever boy”

  1. ND says:

    I have two cards made by B9 which are very special. The first, a birthday card, was sent to me almost a year ago. The second, a cut and paste of the maple leaf flag, was a gift as we left at the end of our visit last year.

    It suggests to me that in B9’s eyes we have been accepted as Canadian citizens.

    Both are treasured mementos.


  2. Laura says:

    Wow, how old is your son? His cards are just wonderful!

  3. These cards are incredible, Heather!! Your son is so so talented and creative. I LOVE all of the wonderful elements to his cards that he draws or puts together.
    GREAT stuff!!!

  4. Velta says:

    These cards your son did are great…what talent runs in your family…I browsed your blog and love your elegant cards!!

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