13 year-old boy


I gave my almost thirteen year-old girl the task of making a card for a thirteen year-old friend with whom we celebrated on Sunday. It was hard coming up with an appropriate gift let alone a card. My stamp collection does not have much in the way of “boy stamps”. Miss A rose to the occasion and did a hand drawn card. It is not obvious in the photo but the “13” is cut out and popped up. She used Whisper White cardstock and Bold Bright markers.

She created another clever card for a 13 year-old girl which I will post next time.

Thanks for dropping in.


3 Comments on “13 year-old boy”

  1. Wow! Amazing job. Bravo to your daughter!

  2. Sheesh! She’s a real artist! Where I rely on stamps, she can do it all on her own. Who better to design a card for a 13 year old than another 13 year old? Great job!

  3. Mary says:

    great job! excellent print and design

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