A rather late Fathers’ Day post

I’m sorry for the tardiness of this post.  My children did indeed make great cards for their father on Fathers’ Day, but I didn’t get them up here.  We could just consider them very early for Fathers’ Day in Australia, after all their father is Australian!


Once again everyone took a different route when making their card.  Remember my eight year-old son made me a huge Mothers’ Day card because he couldn’t be bothered going downstairs for cardstock? Well this time when I reminded him about Fathers’ Day he was downstairs near the cardstock so he picked up the already folded piece of blue cardstock on the table and drew computer inspired card you see above.

Our 12 year-old daughter printed a photo out on vellum which features my husband a few years ago when we were visiting his brother and trying a strange motorised scooter thing!  The classic style on the right was made by our 14 year- old daughter who printed out her own sentiment.  I never think of doing that, but it makes sense, then I can say absolutely anything on my cards!

Thanks for dropping by.

3 Comments on “A rather late Fathers’ Day post”

  1. What talented children you have, Heather! Just like their mother!

  2. They made these? How wonderful! They’re so much more special than anything from the store!

  3. Oh my gosh they are all so unique and wonderful. I love the photo printed out on vellum. The computer is so clever. And printing out the sentiment really is smart. Love how she did the border on that card, too.

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