Happy Mother

That’s me.

Here are the lovely cards my precious children made for me.  Each one says something about the child who made it. The first one was made by my 14 year old daughter.


My 12 year old daughter made the card below with the Chinese theme.  She drew the little fan, decorated and cut it out.


The card below was made by my 8 year old son.  It is very large, he made it with sheets of newsprint!  I asked him whether he thought I might need it large so I could read it without my glasses.  He answered, “No, I just couldn’t be bothered going all the way downstairs for the cardstock” !?!



6 Comments on “Happy Mother”

  1. […] a joy.  My family made Mothers’ Day very enjoyable for me today.  There were lovely cards waiting for me this morning, plus a model of a boat at sea made by B8.  This afternoon we played […]

  2. Rose Ann says:

    Fabulous cards from your children, Heather!! Definitely keepsakes!!

  3. Joan B says:

    these are precious.

  4. Pauline says:

    They are sweet, all lovely cards :o)

  5. I had to laugh at your son’s comment! My goodness, your children are all artistic, and it’s very sweet, indeed, to have been presented with these lovingly crafted cards.

  6. sarita says:

    oh you will treasure these cards – and years from now i’ll “find” them again – and they will touch your heart. i found a note that my son(now married and 24 yrs old)wrote when he was in the fourth grade…it says that he loves me…made my heart skip a beat when i read it…
    they are wonderful cards that your children made for you..please write the year on them.

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