Beach Scenes

This sweet little beach hut is from Simply Graphic, the set is called ‘the little squares – seaside’. Shauna, from the Foiled Fox introduced me to Simply Graphic and when I saw this set of beach themed squares I was delighted. There are four stamps in the set and I have featured two in today’s cards. Make sure you pop over to the Foiled Fox to hear more about these cards and see other elegant stamps from Simply Graphic.

For both cards I completed the watercolour backgrounds first by smooshing distress inks on a glass mat, spritzing water and swiping hot pressed watercolour paper through the ink. I swiped more than once and tilted the panel so the inks could move. I tried to keep the yellow and the blues apart to avoid making green so there are a few gaps between the inks which looks like sea foam.

The second background was completed using the same method but I made sure the ink covered the whole panel and while dry I dabbed some off with a kleenex to make the appearance of clouds.

The images I have added over the seaside backgrounds are stamped in paradise versafine clair ink onto hot pressed watercolour paper.

I cut the stamped squares out by hand as the edges are not straight then popped them up on a couple of layers of cardstock. I was tempted to colour the beach huts because they are generally painted in beautiful bright colours. I saved that idea for another card and kept these ones simple with sentiments added from the Simply Graphic ‘English sentiments’ set.

Make sure you drop in to see the Foiled Fox blog for more info inspiration

Before I end this post I will mention the Cape Wickham lighthouse on King Island. You might not have heard of either the lighthouse or the island but I was born on King Island and the CapeWickham lighthouse is the tallest in the southern hemisphere. Here’s a pic of me in front of the light.


11 Comments on “Beach Scenes”

  1. Are you ok Heather after the big storm on Ottawa ?

    • Heather says:

      We are ok. Our neighbourhood has a lot of trees down and some damaged property. We were without power for a week but it is back now. Ottawa has really taken a hit!

      • I am very happy for you. Here, a lot of damage too, but our house is safe. Thanks God. We had a lot of problem on 2019 storm… our house was very broken… 😦

  2. creatingincolors says:

    I love the graphic squares on your seaside backgrounds. I also love that precious photograph of you in front of the lighthouse.

  3. PaperMorePaper says:

    Seems all of us of a certain era and area must have a snowsuit picture. Join the club, Heather!
    Now in Florida, spent last night huddled in the center closet waiting for a hurricane to hit the neighborhood (thankfully it missed us). Very glad to hear you are safe as well.
    Believe I prefer the snow…. It makes beautiful cards.

  4. nancystiz says:

    Love your backgrounds and nice to know we can purchase Simply Graphic Products without ordering from Europe. That photo is so cute. What a huge lighthouse. Love those little stamps!

  5. Pat says:

    Two fantastic smooshed backgrounds Heather, and I love the way you kept the inks apart on he first and it does have the look of sea spume, and the second with the tissue dabbed clouds worked so well…the little beach huts and lighthouse both go beautifully over the top of each. x

  6. […] from the Simply Graphic’s seaside set. I used the lighthouse and the beach huts stamps in Wednesday’s cards. Today I arranged all four stamps in the stamp positioner then stamped with versamark on cold […]

  7. nise says:

    What a sweet photo of you! I am SO impressed with your ink smooshing – totally gorgeous. I need much more practice with that technique. Mother nature is a force to be reckoned with and wishing us all a calm summer in this hemisphere.

  8. ND says:

    I am slow in commenting on your beach squares and beach scenes. They both evoke beautiful memories. I would love to visit King Island again and stand at the foot of the lighthouse. I doubt that I could manage the two hundred and something steps to the top today. Perhaps next year I couild take another photograph of you standing near the base. Perhaps? It remains a hope and a dream!

  9. patricia rowe says:

    HI. Love these scenes. I wrote a while back, but for some reason, from my phone, a note came up and said wrong address. Have no idea how that could happen. Anyway, I grew up on an island, too, and a lighthouse was at one end with an old fort. We used to run all over the fort and even take our cardboard to slide down another one of the forts. It was so much fun to be on the Atlantic, see the lighthouse, and be carefree. Thank you for your work.

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